His Promises

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A girl falls in love only to know that her expectations from the relation are going to bring an emotional upside down that will change her life.

Submitted: March 15, 2016

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Submitted: March 15, 2016



You promised to stay....

Its been almost a year. She fell in love with him madly but could never tell until he expressed his feelings first. They used to talk for hours at a stretch. Time would stop for a while but their conversations knew no end.

Slowly the magic started wearing off. He got busy. So busy that he couldn't spare 2 minutes of his entire day. She waited for him every single day in the anticipation that at some point he will remember her. But that never happened. She never lost hope as she had loved him with all her heart. Days and months passed but there was no change in his behaviour.

He ignored her calls and messages let alone meeting her. He would call her once in 2 or 3 weeks and hang up in a few minutes with the promise of calling back. But like everything else it never happened. She was passing through an emotional turmoil. Confused as to what to do, keeping her patience as always.She asked him to end the relation many times as it was slowly driving her crazy. But he always said that he is just busy and he still loves her. She used to calm down after that and with new hope put more efforts in the relation.

What she dint understand was is it really that difficult to take out 2 mins of the schedule for your loved one? But she continued putting efforts and hurting herself. 

Then it was his birthday. She had planned to give him a surprise visit at midnight. Just to confirm she called him up. He said he will be working late that night and will go to his friend's place for celebrating his birthday. She accepted that as well, said nothing to him. She was standing at the porch of his place when she had called. She thought its his day, and therefore he should do whatever that would make him happy. She left. 

She called him in the midnight to wish him just to realize that he was home. He hung up saying there were other people calling him to wish him. He promised to call back. 

The call never came back.

He knew she was standing on his porch. 

There were so many questions unanswered yet answered by actions. 

She dint call him either. 

Finally she had realized that it was her love. She was in a relationship. He never was. It was her duty to take efforts. It never was his. She was never busy. Only he was. She loved him. He never had. She had promised. He never did...

Today, the girl is no more. He is still unaware of it. Probably busy....

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