Garlic Breath -Way To Kill The Mood-

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Kaitlyn hasn't had a date for all of her life, nor has she had a first kiss. When her friend Nina brings her to the movies, she meets Spencer.

Spencer barely knows Kaitlyn, but feels like taking things way too quickly, and Kaitlyn doesn't like it. For Solosinger's Way To Kill The Mood Competition.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



Kaitlyn! Get over here!” Nina called from behind me. Nina was my best friend, and was always laughing and smiling.

Nina! What's up?” I asked her, walking to the bench by the school where she stood with some other friends.

Caleb and I are going to the movies with everyone here. It's like a quadruple date! You should join us! It's tonight after school at 7!” she shouted excitedly.

That would be fun, but I don't have a date,” I told her glumly. I don't think I would be happy going to the movies with one of the jerks that go here.

Oh trust us honey, we're bringing a bunch of single dudes. They are pretty smokin'” Jessica, Nina's friend said.

I thought about it for a minute, and decided,”Sure, why not?”

Nina smiled, and everyone started chattering excitedly about the plans for tonight. I had to admit, this could be fun.

The bell suddenly rang, and we all got up walking towards where we had to go. I followed Nina to Biology, and the whole way there she was blabbering about how cute Caleb was. This was going to be a LONG day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I looked at myself in my mirror. I looked cute. I was waiting for Nina's parents' minivan to pull up. We were all cramming into their car to get to the movie theater.

Jessica was in the backseat with some guy and I was sitting in the 2nd row with a guy named Eric. Caleb was in the passenger seat, and Nina was driving.

Where's everyone else?” I asked, looking around the car.

Oh, Jason and some of his friends are driving everyone else to the theater,” Nina said. Whoever Jason was.

We got to the theater 10 minutes later and met up with everyone inside. We quickly paid to see some scary movie. The guys were pleased, and well, all of the girls besides me were waiting to hide their faces in their date's shoulder.

Nina dragged me to a boy in a plaid shirt. “Kaitlyn, this is Spencer. Spencer, meet Kaitlyn. You two, have a wonderful night,” Nina said walking off to find Caleb.

I smiled at Spencer. Way to make it awkward Nina! God she's going to pay for this. Ok, so he was kind of cute, but anyway, it was still awkward.

We all went to the theater, and sat down. After probably a half hour of previews, the movie started. Not even ten minutes into the movie somebody's face was getting mauled by a zombie. Ugh, what a tacky movie. I shifted my glance around the room. Jessica was kissing whoever she was with. Nina and Caleb were smiling and giggling. Everyone was digging their date. I glanced then at Spencer.

Whoa! He's totally staring. I gave him a small smile, and he winked. Oh dear lord! He stared at my lips, only implying one thing. He was about to kiss me. My eyes darted around the room. The only thing I could do now is kiss back. His eyes were closed. I turned my head to one side, and puckered up.

Our faces were almost touching when Spencer's forehead smacked mine. Oh crap.

Sorry!” I whispered loudly. He rubbed his forehead, and shrugged.

Might as well try again,” he said, making sure his head was tilted. I tilted mine. This was so embarrassing. All of his friends were watching, and stifling laughs.

Once our lips touched, we were kissing. And I wanted to puke. His breath tasted like garlic, and he was trying to slip his tongue into my mouth. I made sure my teeth guarded entrance. He still tried to get in though. But then, we were rudely interrupted by the unexpected.

The boy sitting next to Spencer, let out a fart. And all of the guys started laughing. Spencer laughed during the kiss allowing more garlic breath to enter my mouth. Ewww.

He pulled away from me to join in laughing with his guy friends. Everyone around us in the theater was shushing and it was causing an uproar. I looked at Spencer, and stood up.

I'm sorry, I have to go,” I said running out of the room. Once I had entered the hallway, I walked to the bathroom. Someone came in later.

Kaitlyn, are you in here?” I heard Nina ask.

No!” I shouted. She laughed and came to the stall I was in. She stood outside the door and talked to me.

Spencer is a jerk!” she shouted,” I should've never set you two up!”

Thanks captain obvious,” I mumbled.

Look, would you just come out of there? It's really smelly in here,” she said. I opened the door, and she hugged me.

So, how was Caleb?” I asked.

Nothing compared to my best friend. Besides, everyone evacuated the theater. Apparently an old couple was sitting behind that ass that farted. The woman fainted,” she told me.

What was an old couple doing watching that movie?” I asked. It was like, rated R.

Who knows, but that guy is in trouble,” she said.

We left the bathroom, and joined everyone in the hallway. Spencer stood in the back of the group. I was glad he was too. We drove home in Nina's minivan, and I was dropped off.

My mom saw me walk in and checked her watch.

You're home early,” she said, looking at me suspiciously.

Oh yeah, the theater had to be evacuated. Our movie date was cut short,” I explained. No details were needed right now. Not until she asked.

That's terrible!” she shouted.

Was the movie any good anyway?” she asked.

Horrible,” I told her. She plugged her nose for a second and blew the air away from her nose with her hand.

Sorry,” she said, “I just got a whiff of garlic.”

I'll be right back,” I said. I ran upstairs to the bathroom, and grabbed my toothbrush. After putting some toothpaste on, I brushed until all I could taste, was minty freshness.

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