Cobalt Blue

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Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016



Indie music and coffee.


Arlie looks out the window to see a family of four, huddling with each other to fight the chilly wind. He notices that none of them wears a jacket suitable enough for the weather. Visitors. They’ve probably never experienced weather like this. They’ve probably never even seen the mountains in person before.

Arlie smiles at the children as they jump up and down, arms tightly wrapped around their sides. They remind him of his youth. When his mother first brought him into the mountains, he’d been the same way.


Ma, I’m cold…


Don’t worry, baby, here, take my jacket.


Ma, where’s Dad?


This is our new home now.


He takes a sip of caffeine and resumes writing in his journal. He does this quite fluidly, his pen quick to transfer his mind onto the old, coffee-stained paper.


An hour later.


The cloudless sky reflects all that’s left of the sun. Orange. He grabs his jacket, his beanie, his journal, and his pack of cigarettes. He sticks a roll in between his chapped lips and moves to the door when someone stops him.

“Sir, is this yours?”


Arlie turns around to see the barista holding a necklace. It’s a long, tied brown thread with a cobalt blue stone dangling at the center of it. It’s oddly familiar but not his. He glances around the place, to see if anyone else is present. He and the barista are alone.


“Y-yes, that’s mine." he mumbles. "I’ll take it, thank you.” He politely snatches the jewelry from the man’s hand, avoiding eye contact. He walks out of the café without looking back. 

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