My Angel

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Melody Gage has a shrinking heart disease. When she became conscious she first saw an angel-like guy, Jasper, his nurse. The attraction between two of them is obvious. What will happen to them, when Melody is close to dying?

Submitted: September 23, 2013

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Submitted: September 23, 2013



Too much light.

I tried to open my eyes but the light is too blinding. Where am I? I heard murmurs around me. I slightly turned my head to the other side and peeked.

Then I saw him.

A guy. A very handsome guy. Hazel eyes and brown tousled hair. He is shining in his clothes. Is he an angel? Where are his wings? He smiled at me sweetly and spoke something I failed to hear clearly. He brushed his soft hand on my hair and spoke again. Still, I barely heard what he said. My eyes startet to get heavy, I tried to fight so I could stare at him for long. But I can’t. Darkness came again.

Pain. Too much pain in my chest. I was awakened by the pain. I lifted my hand to my chest to stop the pain. I heard the voice of my mom.

“Melody? Does it hurt?” she asked, I failed to speak so I nod instead. I heard her ran, opened a door and called for the doctor. Seconds later, several footsteps came inside.

“Melody Bear, Daddy’s here.” My father’s calloused hands lifted mine and he kissed it.

“Mr. Gage, please move to the other side so we could test the condition of your daughter.” The doctor said. I felt my dad’s hands leaving mine. No! I tried to shout but no voice came. Something is piercing my heart again.

Heavy hands forcefully opened both of my eyes and light flashed on me. He did some tests on my chest. I felt slight pain on my hands. Pain Killers. Because I felt the pain in my chest slowly fading.

“Can you open your eyes now Ms. Melody?” He said. I tried to slowly open it. Everything was fuzzy. He helped me sit up straight. Someone put pillow on my back so I could lean my back. I blinked until the surroundings were clear. There he was again. The angel. Standing at the end of my bed. But he is different, he’s wearing a nurse uniform and holds a metal clip board. He smiled at me. That angelic smile.

“Angel.” My mouth spoke the word. I was surprised to what I said. The doctor heard it and giggled. The guy blushed and looked away. I bowed down to hide my shame. My mom ran for me and hugged me tight.

“Melody! God, I thought you’re leaving us.” She was crying. I spotted my dad wiping away his tears. He stood and hugged me too.

I was a freshman college student when we discovered that my heart is shrinking faster than ordinary. The disease is rare in my age because I was still young. Heart shrinks as you age which causes heart failures. The doctor said that I have to wait for a donor which is compatible with me. He also introduced me to the guy in white. The angel’s name is Jasper. He was the nurse assigned to me. He will give me painkillers until then.

Jasper always checks on me especially when my parents are busy finding for my donor. I secretly wish he stays longer so I could see him smile at me. On his breaks, he prefers to stay at my room and watch me sleep. That was what the other nurse’s say when he isn’t on shift.

One day I caught him talking to me on my sleep. He was telling me about how beautiful I am and how he wanted me to fight and get better. He was shocked when I opened my eyes.

“Oh! I was just taking your blood pressure.” He stood up quickly and gathered his clip board.

“Don’t go. Stay.” I ordered him.

“Jasper.” I said his name.

“You spoke my name sweetly. It kills me.”  He bowed his head avoiding eye contact.

“Look at me jasper.” I asked him. He slowly tilted his head and our eyes met. He hesitated for a moment but then he said

“I like you Melody. I think I even love you. You may think I’m crazy but that is what I feel. When I first saw you in this bed, you were sleeping quietly. My heart skipped a beat. I wanted to take care of you. I wanted to be by your side and help you get better. “ I was totally blown away on what he just confessed. But I didn’t think he was crazy. I was attracted too. I just wished we were on different times, not in my dying condition. I wanted to know him more, be with him more. I wanted to be normal for him.

I felt tears in my eyes. He thought I didn’t feel the same and began to stand up, but I caught his hand and confessed too. He smiled and brushed my tears away.

“I would want to ask you to be my girl, but that would be so disrespectful of me to your parents, so i am asking, would you let me take care of you instead?”

More tears came to me as I nod. He kissed my forehead and wiped my tears. That was the happiest day for me. Every day was, since he always visits me even on the days he isn’t on shift. My parents were okay with him and were happy for me. I’ve known Jasper more. He told me about his family, he has 3 older sisters, his parents were retired nurses. I wasn’t shocked when he told me he was crowned Prom King and Homecoming King when he was in high school. He only had 2 ex-girlfriends. When pain attacks, Jasper holds my hand and tells me to fight. His voice takes away the pain.

One morning, I heard Jasper talking to someone outside. It seems that they were arguing. My mom is crying on my side.

“Mom?” I called her. She looked at me and wiped her tears.

“What is happening?” I asked her.

“Melody, I’m sorry. I wish I could just exchange my heart to you, but my heart isn’t enough baby.” She continued crying.

I instantly knew that I still have no donor. Two days had passed and Jasper hasn’t visited. Pain was worst each day. I asked my parents where Jasper is but they don’t answer me. My temper rose one time when they changed the subject again.

“Why aren’t you asking me! Where is Jasper?” I shouted at them.

“Honey, Calm down. He would visit you soon. I promise. Just wait for him.” My mom tried to calm me. They knew something I didn’t. I became madder until they told me

“Jasper is having tests. He was a possible donor, Melody. We told him not to, but he wanted to try.” My dad explained.

Jasper. Jasper wanted to give his heart to me. I cried. I can’t let him. He has a family. He has a happy family. I can’t take it when I will be the one who would take their only boy from them. I can’t take his life in exchange of mine. I won’t be happy. It would be better if I die. I can’t be happy without him. I can’t. I just can’t. I was ready to die before I met him. He has a life and a dream before he met me. He can’t just drop it for me. I won’t allow it. He should live. For me.

I cried myself to sleep. I felt warm hands brushing my hair. I woke to see Jasper beside me.

“Jasper.” He smiled at me and pinched my nose.

“You know, it kills me hearing you say my name that sweet.” He kissed my cheeks.

“I knew what you are doing.” I said as he helped me sit up. He sat back beside me quietly.

“You can’t do that Jasper. That’s so wrong!” I cried at him.

“What is wrong in wanting you to live?” He argued.

“It’s wrong because it would take your life!”

“I don’t care about me. I wanted to keep you alive. I wanted you to still see how beautiful the world is. I wanted you to... meet my family.” He said slowly, pushing back his tears.

“I wanted to meet them too. But not because I took away their son’s life.”

“They would understand. I tell them about you every day. I love you Melody. I would do anything for you.”

“I love you too Jasper. But don’t do this. I can’t take it. It would haunt me every day. I wanted to live because of you. I wanted to fight because of you. But if you’re gone, I can’t live happily. It’s better if I die.”

“Don’t say that.” He cried kissing my hands. I kissed his hair. I bent down to cup his face but something pierced my heart again. I felt extreme pain everywhere. I held my chest to breathe. It seems that I am being deprived of oxygen. I tried to catch some air. My body is feeling numb. I heard Jasper’s panic voice, he shouted for the nurse, for my mom, for the doctor. He shouted and shouted. They came and they started injecting things to me. They transferred me to the wheeled bed. They’re transferring me to another room and I heard Jasper telling the doctor that he is willing to give his heart to me. I pushed my eyes to open. I called his name. He went to me immediately.

“Jasper – I said in a husky voice- if I won’t make it alive today, please do not give your heart to me. I want you to live. I want to see you happy with your family. I wanted you to marry a girl that would make you happy.”

“But you’re the one making me happy” he argued. His hands were holding mine tight.

“Shhh. Just listen. I wanted you to have a family of your own. I wouldn’t be physically here with you. But I would look for you. I’ll watch you there.  Promise me that, Promise me you won’t give me your heart. I love you Jasper that I wouldn’t want you to end your life just so I could continue mine. I know it would hurt when I’m gone. But this is my life. God wants me to be with him early. You just have to accept it. I wouldn’t forget you. You’re the best thing that happened to me. You’re my angel. Would you do that for me? Live for me?” He nodded and kissed my lips as we cried.

“I love you Melody. I love you.” Those were the last words I heard before darkness came. I know I wouldn’t see him anymore. I know my parents are crying right now. But this is my end. I’m still lucky to have met Jasper. He made me happy in the last moments of my life. He was my angel. Now is my time to meet my creator.

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