I Am Watching You

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Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013




As a child, I didn’t suffer from the normal fear of the dark, nor did I feel the need to run to my bed after I turned the lights off for the night. I wasn’t afraid of the boogey-man or the sounds of my old house creaking. Yes, I was a highly logical child who has since grown into a highly-logical teenager. I still scoff at the thought of the paranormal or aliens, both thoughts are ridiculous.

But lately, I think that’s changing… Every night at 3:13 on the dot (I started keeping track)for the past few months I would wake up freezing, with my blankets totally ripped off of me and sitting at the foot of my bed on the floor. At first I would just sigh, gather them up, and go back to sleep. I chalked it up to restless sleeping and it stopped for about a week. Then it got stranger. I would still wake up at the same time every night, freezing, but with something different. I could’ve sworn that I heard some kind of a growl, like an angry dog ready to attack.

I haven’t been sleeping at all, really. If I do sleep, I try to get some after that time, but that hasn’t seemed to matter. Whatever this… thing is, it likes messing with me. It’ll wait till I’m nearly asleep and growl right in my ear, or tug at my sheets. My grades have been slipping and people have been noticing the bags underneath my eyes. I just tell them I’ve been doing a lot of studying because there’s no way in hell that I’d tell them about this. They’d think that I was insane and ship me off to some asylum with a nice padded room and a self-hug jacket and some pretty pills.

I’m not crazy. I know I’m not crazy, because this is too real and I’d know if I was crazy, right? I’d know. I would know if I was nuts. I am not crazy.

It got worse over the last few days. I had actually thought that it had decided that I wasn’t worth the trouble and to leave me alone. No more waking up in the middle of the night, no more growls, no more… nothing really. So I decided to be brave and go out for a walk a few nights ago.

The air was crisp, as only fall air can be. The smell of fallen leaves and snow-tinted air helped calm me down as did the soothing crunch-crunch of the dead oak leaves that I trotted through to get back to my house. It was a bit later than I had intended and that childish fear of the dark had finally set in, about ten years late. Not to mention that I was looking forward to an actual good night of sleep again.

I had just turned the corner onto my street when I heard a loud SNAP from behind me. I froze, not wanting to turn around. I knew immediately what it was; I could feel that cold air emanating from it along with that low growl. This time it was mixed with the smell of road-kill and sulfur; the smell almost made me throw up on the spot. I turned hesitantly around, eyes fixed on the ground. The ground-level was clear, but that didn’t mean anything. I slowly brought my gaze upward; clear, clear, clear… until I got to a point exactly at my average eye level.

Eyes. Red eyes, glowing like flashlights. The hostility rolled off in waves, nearly knocking me over. The growl increased in volume. The longer I stared, the longer the eyes stared back. I took a step backward when the eyes seemingly tilted to the side.

Suddenly there was a mouth, twisting into existence. It was full of sharp canines and bent in impossible ways, swirling around and growing wider than I was tall.

I stumbled back another step.

Then another.

I turned.

“I have been watching you.” The growl had morphed into words. Repeating over and over. Echoing around me, the frozen statue of terror.

I unfroze.

I ran.

I haven’t even considered sleeping since then. The only way I’ve been able to keep myself from falling asleep is with energy drinks and coffee. Sometimes I’ll doze off in class, but snap awake at those words being whispered in my ear. I have been watching you.

I have been watching you.

It does it when I’m awake too.

I have been watching you.

Every hour.

I have been watching you.

On the hour.

I have been watching you.

I’m being watched.

I Have Been Watching You.

There’s nothing I can do but pretend that the dark can’t hurt me.

I Have Been Watching You.

Because it’s not the dark really.

I Have Been Watching You.

It’s what lives inside of it…


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