Bullet Proof

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Submitted: January 17, 2018

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Submitted: January 17, 2018



One day I had to remind everyone that I was a human.

After years of holding a sheild to the low blows.

After weeks of falling down in the snow and picking myself back up.

After days of feeling hungry but havin nothing to eat.

After hours of ignoring the flaws in our life together. 

After mintues of struggling through the cramps in my gut.

After mintues of finally lifting the world (just barley) above my shoulders. 

I had to remind everyone around me that I was a human. 

Then they discovered that I bled red. 

Then they understood that my tears weren't fabricated. 

Then they realized that inside of my chest a heart was beating. 

Then they were amazed that my legs shivered in the cold.

As soon as it was known that I was a human

They missed the joy I brought to the morning.

They missed the comfort felt from my embrace

They missed the passion in my eyes 

They missed the sercuity of my will.

So now that I remember that I am a Human

I regret the forgivenes. 

I regret knowing the pressure

I regret facing the challenges

I regret holding the facade 

Now I am a self aware human 

A Bullet Proof Human

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