And Where Is My Friend

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Life's Journey
This story is all about a Man in search of his friend,but ignoring the eternal one

Submitted: February 06, 2016

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Submitted: February 06, 2016



“Still the last bell is yet to ring! Still the last breadth is yet to come! Still the door for you is open. However, oh my beloved I am truly running out of time, I cannot fight with the ‘supreme’ to snatch some more time for you. So my love, myself for the first time do beg to you please do step in before it is too late?”

Mr. Das, an old man of 65, once again writing the same old letter for his imaginary love life,throwing the same from the window like always, with a hope that the passing wind will help to deliver these letter’s to that woman whose existence to this real world is as true as the mirage in the desert, poor Das.

You must be asking this question as to who am I to say all this?

Simple, “I am the soul of this fool, who is in constant effort, even in these last few hours, to make him understand that he has got no one nor even a scratch to offer love except me, but who cares!”

Doctor, enquired by Mr. Das “Do tell me frankly how much time do I have? Will I be able to meet her“?

A few minute silences, then I spoke “your time is up, and then I will be a free bird. Ha ha ha , I laughed loudly but none could here, except Mr. Das who still thinks that on account of my negativity his love life..........” again silence

“I am not responsible for the loss in life,” I screamed perhaps for the first time.

 Mr. Das remained unmoved by my scream. However, I continued with my statement.

“I have repeatedly requested you not to change your career thirty years ago, remember? However, who cares, if that day you listened to my request then today you might have been lying on bed of a million dollar hospital instead of this roadside, countryside health centre.”

Mr. Das slowly turned his head towards me and softly uttered

“Relax, she will come” adding onto this he stammered, “at least for once do say that my love, my friend, will come. Why are you so negative?”

“I am not negative, but why do not you understand that this is a cruel world, no one cares for you. Nor even your stepmother. Hope you remember the day, when you were kicked off from your home by your step mother and brother, as you failed to repay the debt of your late father?”

“No, I have not forgotten,” answered Mr. Das

Suddenly, the silent interaction between us breaks by the entry of an old man. This old man took both of us by surprise. He looked at us and we looked at him for almost five minutes.

Then I took the initiative to break the silence.

“Mr. Das?

Who is this old man?

From where did he come?

Mr. Das? Are you listening?

Mr. Das as ever seemed un-moved by the situation, giving me a curious look he asked

“May I know you Mr. Stranger?  “

Finally, the old man broke the silence saying, “I am searching you for the last 15 years, to pay back the debt”

“What kind of debt?” asked Mr. Das being surprised!

“Your father and me were very good friends. However, our luck changed the course of your journey to different direction. “A minute pause, then he added “It was in those days when I was about to start a new business and for that was searching for a lump-sum , everybody refused but your father stood up and supported me with an amount of rupees five thousand”

“Five thousand rupees” Mr. Das looked straight into my eyes. I am also shocked hearing this amount. Since, as per our report, Father of Mr. Das was very irritating and unsocial, and no one informed us regarding this favour.

The Old man again started.” Your father was a nice person, I do not know about others but to me he was just like an angel.”

“A complement is a complement, why to question on that.” I asked to myself. Everybody wants to listen something about his father. Jokes apart, needless to say that my father and Father of Mr. Das was the same person, as I am the soul of Mr. Das

Anyways, taking the amount for the old man was something special, as it will help to pay back the dues of the health centre. As Mr. Das, do not want to “die in due”.

The old man then slowly walked back with a big satisfying smile in his face. A smile that tells one single story “do not give up, if your are honest to yourself”

I started clapping my head, “what have you done Mr. Old man? Now again Mr. Das will start telling me the same old story as his friend, his love will come. Oh God, please save me, or take him quickly. As this idiot will never ever understand that, his so-called imaginary friend or love will not come to hug him to say goodbye, Will wait for your return”

Mr. Das then slowly kept the amount on the right side of his worn out black trouser.

” Honesty still exists, “uttered Mr. Das

I was about to say something, when he stopped me and himself continued

“That day you repeatedly told me, not to entertain Piu, as she was not a perfect match for me, but I did not took your suggestion”

“Nothing new” I whispered silently. He then continued

“Actually your negativity irritates me like anything, you just do not know how much I hate you, even today instead of accepting the money gracefully from the old man, and you have started asking question after questions.”

“Take a break Sir, have a glass of water” I replied feeling very ashamed and dejected

“Sir, you were optimistic but for the wrong women, I just asked you to choose the right lady in your life. However, sorry to say that no one loves you or even do take care of your feelings. You left the high profile salary job, just because you cannot tolerate the existence of other men in love life.”

A few second silences, and then I started “Now tell me one thing today lying on the bed while counting the number of hours left, and off course please be honest”

Mr. Das gave a glared look with a quote “My honesty is un-questionable”

 “Yes, that is true “I replied with a continuation

“Do you really think that she will come? I mean what makes you think so.

 She might be as old as us, with a probable age of seventy-five,

Having a pair of lens in her eyes, on account of vision problem,

She might now be playing indoor soft games with her grandson or granddaughter and watching the sunset from the window. Mr. Das, trust me she has got no time to think of you,” I shouted, but to my misfortune, none could hear my pain.

“Love never dies, O, thou soul!” whispered Mr. Das, as he slowly turns his head towards the window to witness the last sunset of his life.

“No one will come to us today except death itself,” I stammered for the first time.

“We are just few miles away from the tight hug of death. Just few more minutes and then we will be free forever. Mr. Das” I cried, being happy and tired perhaps for the last time.

It was freezing cold in Germany this year; only few minutes ago the snowfall had stopped when Alex a kid of fourteen years of age shouted.

” Grand-ma, come let us play football, the snowfall has stopped “grand-ma slowly looked through the window and said

“Dear I am not feeling well today”

“Okay, do take rest bye,” replied Alex.

The Sun has just smiled after long hours of snowfall; it seems as if today is the day for confession,

As if today is, the day when the guilt feeling will die permanently and an eternal happiness will fill the heart.

“I am sorry dear, really very sorry for not being able to hold your hand firmly at the time of your need” the woman spoke with full of tears.

Then she continued, “I do not know whether you are still alive or not, but today I really want to say that I do really love you, and miss u”.

She then slowly stood up from the wooden chair with the help of her walking stick and moved inside the room. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

With deep pain and irritation, the old Women turned back and moved towards the door to open.

She found no one except a letter lying on her feet. In fact, it was a postcard.

With much curiosity, the woman picked up the post card. She was stunned, as nothing mentioned except two words and the address of-course.

“Who gave this letter? Moreover, in German post-office how knows the name of Mine?”

 She asked to herself. She then looked in all direction of the rood to identify the person who has given this postcard. She found no one.

Being confused and tensed, she called Alex who was at a distance way from the home. However, Alex was so busy in scoring a goal from penalty kick that he just ignored his grandma’s eagerness.

Being helpless and tired, the old women returned to her room closing the door.

Sitting on her bed, she started crying loudly, as loud as possible.

After few minutes, wiping the tears, she stood up with trembling feet and collected the postcard, which was now lying, on the extreme corner of the window.

She kissed it several times, hugged it. Moreover, for the first time she smiled. After how many years no one knows

 Its late evening and Alex was the first person to enter the home. He shouted “Grand Maa” no one replied, he again shouted, again no reply.

Now, being nervous he quickly opened the door of grand-ma’s room and found that the old woman was lying on her bed with the postcard on her right hand.

With deep fear and trembling hand, Alex turned the postcard which say’s “PIU DAS”.


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