Leg Dust

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This story is all about a kid who turns his dream into reality..

Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016




“My dad once rather many times told me that I am a great disappointment to his family. A curse, a poison blood, etc. however, in those days when I was in my early twenties, I fail to understand the meaning and off-course the reason as to why he used these words time and again in front of my mother, who was my only weakness in this planet. Now, at sixty-five I understand the meaning and the reason. However, none of my family member’s is alive to watch my repentance. So, I thought of doing something heart touching in a hope that, this activity of mine will bring some kind of happiness to my mother’s sole.”

The Man closed the dairy after writing the above incomplete paragraph and called his house cleaner “Ramu, where are you?”

 No, not to say as house cleaner, instead saying as local or only guardian will be more appropriate. Ramu is the only person after his mother who understands this man and loves him.

“Yes my son” Ramu replied looking straight into the eyes of his master.

“Please take your sit,” The man requested.

In the earlier days, the Man used to order him but he has changed his habit. Since, few years ago, one of his legs was separated from the other in a car accident and this old man gave his heart out to make his master feel comfortable also giving him the belief that one day he will roam around in his palace and in the garden with the help of wheel chair.

“So many times I have told you to wear slippers, in the palace. I hate bare foot walk. Why do not you listen to me?” The Man shouted in a caring tone.

Giving a fatherly smile, Ramu sat on the chair.

With a pause, the Man added, “Now lift your leg up”

 “Why?” Ramu questioned.

“Kindly do as I say” master requested.

Being helpless and confused Ramu lifts his left leg up in front of his master.  

“Good, very good” he answered, as he quickly wiped his leg keeping a white sheet of paper underneath so that all the dust that was attached to his leg fall down in a single place.

“What are you doing?” Ramu enquired being ashamed.

“Wait telling” as the man kept aside the white sheet, asking Ramu to remove his leg.

“Yes, now tell me” Ramu said, relaxing his nerve and legs.

“Yesterday night I had a dream, that if I collect leg dusts, from those men and women who made my life comfortable in the coming thirty days then my mother will forgive all my misdeeds.”

Ramu stared at him, when his master continued, “So this morning, I started with you. I shall be keeping all the leg dust of yours inside a pouch packet, labelling as Leg dust Ramu.”

Ramu blinked his eyelid twice and continued to listen but unable to disbelief the thought of his master.

The Man like a flowing river continued to speak passionately, saying, “I will keep the pouch packet in front of my Mom’s frame, and on the thirtieth day, along with forgiving my misdeeds she will bless me with a gift to remember.”

“My dear son, are you all-right? Shall I call the doctor?” Ramu questioned by keeping himself relax.

Giving an innocent smile the man replied, “As I cannot move fast and also cannot reach out to a distance location, you will have to roam around for me to collect leg dust and to bring those packets back home safely.

Ramu stood up, helped his master to sit his wheel chair from the ground and silently walked back to the gate of the room.

Giving a pause to his journey, he turned back and uttered softly, “My son, it is time for your breakfast and medicine, I can feel that you are hungry” looking straight into the eyes of His master Mr. Banerjee who is now in some other world.

Ramu is aware of one single thing; the word ‘No’ does not exist in the dictionary of his master. If he decides to do some kind of work, then he will chase it until the last.

 He silently walks away to the kitchen.

It was late afternoon, somewhere around 3.45 PM, the palace like always remain calm and silent, but today even the pet dogs were on sleeping mode. Ramu and his master taking rest in their respective rooms when the doorbell rang.

Mr.Banerjee from his room shouted “Ramu, just check who is there?”

Wearing sleepers Ramu stood up from his bed and started walking towards the gate. The bell rang twice or thrice by this time.

Mr. Banerjee being impatient shouted, “Ramu, you are getting old and fatty day by day. Cannot you move fast?”

Ramu opened the gate and found that a beautiful young girl standing with few English books. She was in red saree and accessories.

“May I speak to Mr.Banerjee?” the girl questioned.

“Yes but you will have to wait in the drawing room for few minutes.” Ramu replied.

Giving a sweet smile, the girl agreed upon the statement.

“Who is there Ramu?” Mr.Banerjee questioned from his room.

Ramu went into his room and requested his master to visit the drawing room.

Dressed in white cotton trouser and white shirt, the master came out of his room sitting on the wheel chair with the help of Ramu.

The girl was looking very pretty; Mr.Banerjee stared at her and requested her to sit down.

“Good evening Sir,” the girl said.

“Yes very good evening” Mr.Banerjee replied.

“Sir, I came to know that you are looking for an English teacher who will teach you stories, dramas, plays, poems? The girl questioned.

“Yes I am looking for, but may I know who has sent you? And what is your name?” Mr.Banerjee questioned.

“My name is Shree and Mr.Bhaskar Patra has requested me to visit your palace,” the girl replied.

By this time, Ramu stepped in with a plate of snacks and some sweet along with a glass of water.

“Yes, few months ago I have called up Bhaskar and requested him for a teacher having sound knowledge in English literature,” Mr.Banerjee uttered, requesting the girl to take some snacks and sweets.

“Thanks but no thanks” the girl replied.

“You will have to take something, at least a piece of sweet,” Ramu said, adding, “you are our guest and to serve you is our responsibility.”

Without further extending the conversation, the girl took a piece of sweet and few cookies.

Ramu smiled and took away the remaining lying on the plate from the sight.

“May I know your qualification?” Mr.Banerjee enquired.

“I have completed my masters in English from Kolkata University and now planning for doctorate degree,” the girl requested.

“Good, I like your personality” the master replied with a smile.

The girl returned the compliment saying thanks.

“Let us come to the business part of the discussion” Mr.Banerjee spoke in a serious tone.

The girl looked straight into his eyes when Mr.Banerjee started “you will be getting an amount of rupees fifteen thousand per month, and medical facilities. You will have to teach me six days in a week from 5 PM -7 PM. Sunday will be an off day.”

Giving a pause the master questioned, “Are you ready to accept the proposal?”

The girl took a deep breath and agreed upon the proposal.”

“Great, then do start your class from Monday”, the master uttered.

“The girl was very happy from inside as she finally got a job to feed her family that comprises of her mother only.

Saying goodbye, the girl left the palace as Ramu escort her to the main gate.

The big pendulum clock beats 5 times.

“Ramu, a cup of tea for me in my library” as the master request Dip, a house cleaner to take him to the library room.

“I wish, I could have given you a tight slap,” the class teacher roared, as Ramu looked up being confused.

“You are now in the eight standards, and now you are writing such a story?” giving a pause the class teacher added,

“The story that you have written till now is of old standard rather of no standard and will not catch the heart of the reader and off-course the Jury. It was my mistake to choose you as writer for the up coming inter school little magazine contest.”

“How can you be so irresponsible Ramu?” the teacher questioned.

Ramu stood still feeling lost, ashamed and dejected from inside. Giving all effort to control the tears but failed miserably.

Preety, who was sitting just beside Ramu, hold his hand tightly, in a hope that her support will make him feel comfortable.

Few seconds of silence when Deepak the class monitor stood up and said “Sir, please struck off the name of this boy and allow me to participate, since I have got a high tech almost ready to present in front of you.”

Mr.Das, the class teacher sat on the chair, took a deep breath and spoke “Sit Ramu; do not irritate me further by standing.”

His tone was so harsh and insulting that everybody felt embarrassed for a second.

Ramu was about to take his sit, when the class teacher questioned, “how come leg dust be a subject?” everybody laughed.

Ramu again stood up and answered in broken voice “Sir, I thought of writing something unique” as Preety continues to inspire him by touching his hand, with her index finger.

“Ramu new thing will happen” Sabby shouted, (the vice captain of the class means the second monitor) adding, “From today onwards we will take your leg dust and will distribute it to all the student of the school as blessing of beggar.”

The entire class laughed except Preety, Avik and Ramu himself.

“Sir, from today onwards his name will be announced with an adjective as Leg dust Ramu.” Smita uttered, sitting in front of Preety on the second bench.

Avik steeped in saying, “Enough friends, instead of poking him, let us allow Ramu to finish the story without further interruption.” trying to take control of the situation but failed.

The teacher spoke out “No sorry, no more chance. It is not a charity program, it is a competition and I hate lose.”

Looking straight into the eyes of Deepak, the class teacher spoke “I nominate you for this job, with a hope that you will deliver something special.”

Deepak, sitting on the third bench of the second row endorsed this statement by putting his thumb up in the air.

“That’s called an attitude” the class teacher spoke.

The tiffin bell rang, Mr.Das who also teaches English to the student of class seven, eight and nine, leaves the room after giving the daily homework. Everybody left the class to enjoy the tiffin break of forty minutes, except Ramu, Preety and Avik.

Putting his head down on the desk, Ramu started crying hiding the writing sheet below the bag.

Avik came across from the fourth bench of the second row and gave a tab on his solder saying, “One day the entire school will collect your leg dust, mark my word.”

Preety wiping her tears endorsed the statement of Avik and trying to ease the mental pressure of Ramu, she spoke out “I will complain against the class teacher”.

Avik took her side and asked her to do the same, since the principal of their school is a very good friend of Mr. Sinha (father of Preety) and Avik is the only person who knows the link.

Instead of going out with other friends during the break, both sat with Ramu and shared their tiffin. Ramu brought noodles, Preety Brought cakes and Avik some cookies.

By 10.35 Am, both the friends somehow managed to bring back the lost smile of Ramu into his face.

Five minutes after, when the end of tiffin bell rang, the rest of the classmates entered the class chanting, “Leg dust Ramu, leg dust Ramu.” The three of them felt very irritated but kept a hold over their nerve.

The rest of the schooling hours went to some extent smoothly. By 1.10 Pm, when the final bell rang, Ramu left the class at the earliest saying goodbye to Preety and Avik.

Hiding from everybody, He quickly took his bicycle from the stand and rushed out of the campus, but unable to stop the spread of his new title.

Ramu entered his house like a rocket, and keeping the bicycle aside he rushed into the room and started crying loudly by holding his mother with both hands after describing the details of the day.

Everybody in the house came across to console him. His Grandma tried to console him with chocolates, Grandpa with cricket bat, elder sister with mouth-watering dishes. However, Result the same, crying continued.

 His mother took him to his bed and asked to close his eyes and not open until she says. Ramu did the same as instructed by his mother.

“Now open your eyes slowly” mother said.

Ramu opened his eyes and found that a new chessboard and a book on numerical puzzle, lying in the bed.

He was over joy’ed in happiness, forgetting all the mishaps; he hugged his mother and drowned her with lots of kisses and smiles.

This time tears rolled from the eyes of everybody in happiness. However, the centre of attraction was busy in solving numerical problems in happiness.

Everybody went to their respective work leaving Ramu and his mother in the room. Mother requested Ramu to refresh himself and to come for the lunch.

Ignoring everything Ramu engaged in playing and puzzle solving, unable to decide of which one to start first.

Mother smiled and left the room after kissing his forehead.

By 2.40 Pm, Ramu shouted “mother feeling hungry, where is my lunch?”

“Simplicity actually speaks” his grandma uttered lying on her bed, adding, “One day my grandson will become a Man like his father”.

Ramu went to sleep after lunch; in fact, everybody took a break from the long days work except Ramu’s mother.

“There is no rest for a mother” she spoke to herself taking a deep breath.

Finally, by 4PM, Mrs. Sen got the much-needed break. Sitting beside her son who is now sleeping peacefully, she spoke to herself “if this chanting continues then I will have to speak to the principal, I cannot watch my son getting de-motivated”, looking straight into the outer world from the window where the nature is getting ready to welcome Dusk.

On the other side, Preety was boiling in anger, narrating the entire story to her father, she requested for an urgent intervention.

Keeping his hand over the head of her daughter, Mr. Singha promised to look to intervene and requested her darling to calm all the nerve and to concentrate in completing the pending home task.

 Avik promised himself that he will beat Deepak in all subjects and will humiliate him in front of the entire class. 


Next day morning when the first class was about to start at eight Am with English, Mr. Emmanuel, The principal of the school entered the class with Mr. Das and Mr. Bhaskar Patra. Everybody stood up to greet them.

The Principal and the other teachers returned the greetings with a warm smile and requested Mr.Das to share the feedback of the students, requesting the pupils to sit down.

Looking straight into the eyes of Ramu, the Principal questioned, “How is your practice going on in numerical puzzle?”

Ramu stood up and softly replied “good Sir,”

“I have in corporate your name for the upcoming interschool quiz contest along with three others. And I am sure that you will win the contest this time for the school.” The Principal uttered.

“Yes Sir, Ramu will win” Avik replied in excitement, but then again stood up to say sorry for this unconventional interruption.

The Principal turned his head and requested Avik to take his sit giving a sweet smile. He then turned towards Deepak and questioned, “In a firm tone, what about story my son?”

Deepak was about to give an answer when Mr.Das steeped in between the conversation saying,

“Sir, he has almost finished writing the story and within a few days, it will be on your table.”

Preety gave an angry look to her class teacher, who is then ignoring everything, busy in impressing the Principal.

The Principal requested Deepak to take his sit and continued, “I am here to make an important announcement, and that is, from today onwards Mr.Loyed Gomes will be your new class teacher.”

Looking towards Mr.Das, the Principal said, “Kindly transfer all the details to Mr. Gomes at the earliest.”

A few seconds of silence, then Mr.Das uttered, “Sure Sir” with a request for an urgent leave from the class.

“So, it all yours from now, Mr. Gomes” The Principal said and after congratulating him left the class giving a smile by looking towards Preety.

Preety looked aside and found that Avik also smiling by brushing his fingers into his lips.

“Leg Dust Ramu, I will teach you a lesson,” Deepak whispered to himself.

“So, dear Ramu, get ready, as the big challenge is knocking at the door and I am sure you will not disappoint us” The new class teacher spoke.

Ramu stood up and smiled, when Deepak from the other side shouted, “Sir, his new name is leg dust Ramu”.

“Deepak, hold your tongue. First, complete your story then I will give you a new name and will ensure that it gets circulated throughout the school”.

“Avik, better focus in your ability of scoring goals which has dried up for the last one year,” Countered Smita.

“Quite” Mr. Gomes roared, attempting to settle the chaos.

“Ramu was about to say something when Preety hold his hand and quietly spoke “do not interfere”

“Members of blue house always quarrelsome” Sonu spoke to Samuel, adding “I will not call him leg dust Ramu, he is my friend and member of Green house, my house.”

Suddenly a student of standard nine, entered the classroom with due permission from the teacher

“There is an announcement” the student spoke out loudly. Adding, “All the members of the Red house are requested to gather at the library for an urgent meeting, during the break time.”

 “An unwanted meeting, spoiling my tiffin break.” Preety spoke to herself being annoyed.

As the student left the class, Mr. Gomes started with his new lesson.

In the break time, everybody went outside except Ramu who was then busy in solving numerical puzzles from his schoolbook.

Question one from the chapter one says, “If SYSTEM is coded with 131625, then TERMS may be coded as?”

Ramu started scratching his head with the ballpoint pen, ignoring the fact that the ball may get damage by this.

“Yes, I got it” he shouted, “The answer will be, 62451”. He checked with the book answer and found that the same was correct.

“Now, next question” he spoke to himself.

If ‘ACNE’ is coded as 3 7 29 11, then ‘BOIL’ will be coded as?”

Giving the scratching head expression, Ramu cracked the code with the answer “5 31 19 25.”

However, this time the reason of the answer somehow was not clear to him, though he got the answer but still the concept is not clear. Therefore, he turned the page of the book to read the analytical part of the answer, which says,

“(2n+1) is the coding pattern used, where n is equal to the position of the alphabet in the alphabetical order.”

 Taking a break of few minutes, Ramu had his tiffin, ensuring that the gravy of the noodles does not kiss the white shirt along with the white trouser; else, mom will cane him like anything.

Ten more minutes left for the end of the break time, when Ramu opened the page that was marked by a pen, to solve the third question, which says

“83 82 81___69 60 33” fill in the blank with correct number.”

“It will be 77,” Replied Avik, as he entered the class, after short practice for the upcoming football match.

Ramu looked up and smiled asking the reason for the answer.

Avik replied, “Series has been written in reverse order with a difference of one square, one cube, two squares, two cubes, three squares and three cubes. That is 1, 1, 4, 8, 9, 27”

Ramu stood up from the bench and came in front of him and bow down, saying, “Mr. Genius, I want your leg dust, you are truly multi talented.

“Again leg dust? Avik questioned, adding, “Do not use this term in your life again. However, do complete the story, we will ensure that it published in the next year school magazine. The story was good.

Holding his solder tightly Avik roared, “Come what may you will have to give your best shot and will have to ensure that you come out winning. Remember, that your win will be a tight slap into the face of all those who mocks at you saying leg dust Ramu. You have got 15 day’s time to practice, do not waste time.”

Ramu looked straight into the eyes of Avik, which turned red in anger. He was about to say something when other student started to enter into the classroom.

After coming back from the class, he narrated the entire story to his mother, saying that he is now feeling bit nervous and hungry.

Understanding the gravity of the situation his mother took him to the lunch table and stood beside him until he finished his lunch peacefully.

 From that evening, instead of wasting time in watching movies of all the super heroes and cartoons, Ramu concentrated in solving numerical puzzles from the new book presented by his mom last evening.

“His passion must not take control over his sense” Mr. Sen, father of Ramu exclaimed to his wife.

 Endorsing the statement of her husband, Mrs. Mallika Sen, kept a vigilant watch upon her son’s activity.

From school to home and vice versa, this journey became a routine for Ramu over the past two weeks.

“Penultimate day” uttered Mrs. Sen, by sitting in front of his son who was busy in solving the last minute model test papers given by the class teacher and friends.

“Son, listen to me,” his mother said.

Ramu looked up when his mother started saying, “winning and losing is all part of game, do not allow your emotion to monitor your thought. No matter what happens tomorrow, you will be our hero my sweet heart”.

A few seconds silence, as tears rolled from the eyes of both.

Giving a tight hug to his mother Ramu requested for some snacks, as he is feeling hungry. His mother smiled and took him towards the kitchen.

Next day morning, everybody woke up early to prepare him or herself for the show and reached in front of the school gate by 8.30 AM.

Within few seconds, the school gate opens up and all the students including their parents rushed inside to take their sit.

“Student from all the classes is requested to come forward and to stand in a line.” The Vice Principal announced.

The entire student did the same as instructed by the Vice principal, who was then extending her speech by saying, “This Saturday morning let us all celebrate the spirit of sports and sportsmanship together.”

Avik turned back while standing front in the prayer and looked into the eyes of Deepak and Smita.

“Leg dust Ramu will definitely be the loser” Deepak spoke softly with a smile. Hearing this Preety looked straight into the eyes of Ramu to ensure that he remains focus.

The Vice Principal continued to say, “The competition will start from today with the Sit and draw segment, followed by Chess, gymnastics, Athletics that includes Sprint of 100 meters, 200 meters and 500 meters, High Jump, long Jump, and finally the day will end up with quiz contest a new added segment.

On the second day of the event, we have organised a football tournament among the school participated this time.”

The celebration begins after the Morning Prayer and after the sweet ring of the bell pressed by the principal of the school hosting the competition. This time it was Mr. Emmanuel from the school St. Peters.

St. Xavier’s and St. Michel won many segments quite comfortable. One segment that is Chess went into the hands of Bosco Boys. The host school did not even featured among top five.

“Now the final segment of the day,” the Vice-principal announced, requesting the participants to proceeds towards the centre stage.

Ramu stood up and starts walking, giving a side looks to Avik and Preety.

It is almost 3.45PM, when the final show began.

Five rounds took place, and Ramu turned victorious in three of them, defeating students of Sultan Chand Academy, Bosco Boys, and St Thomas convent.

 By the end of 4.30 PM, the quizmaster holding the mike made an announcement with a smile on his face,

 “We are into the last round of the contest. The rules of this round is very simple, I will be asking three questions which will be displayed on the giant screen as it happened in the previous rounds and if any participant answers two out the three questions correctly then that school and the participant will be declared as winner. However, if any participant’s answers found incorrect then two marks will be deducted from the total and if found correct then one marks will be added.”

Giving a pause, the quizmaster continued by looking towards the participant,

 “You all will be getting sixty seconds to answer each question; however, the participant who will press the buzzer first will get the chance to answer first, no bonus marks and no passing of question.”

 “Steady Ramu, steady” his mother softly spoke to herself.

“I am proud of you my son, just give your best shot, I am always with you” Ramu’s father spoke to himself holding the hand of his wife tightly, while standing.

“Come on Ramu, do it, got to win and I am sure you will” Avik shouted asking every student of St. Peters to chant his name loudly.

“Love you Ramu, you are my best friend” Preety spoke to herself, praying to god for her love.

“God, I will always be obelised to you, but please ensure that this bloody leg dust Ramu looses” Deepak prayed to god.

“Dear god, please do the opposite of what Avik want. He must understand the pain of being refused while proposing to someone after falling in Love,” Smita whispered.

“Here I go, with the first puzzle,” the quizmaster roared asking everybody to cheer for his or her respective schools.

“B is to the south west of A, C is to the east of B and south-east of A and D is to the north of C, in line with B and A. In which direction of A is D located?”

Within thirty seconds, Ramu pressed the buzzer saying, “The answer will north-east” looking straight into the eyes of the quizmaster.

“Absolutely correct” The quizmaster replied, everybody clapped and cheered for Ramu.

“Now, comes the second question” The quizmaster said.

“Pick the odd one out among the given list- Teeth, Tongue, palate, Chin and Gum”

“Your time starts now”.

Ramu was about to press the buzzer when a student of Bosco boys named kasinath pressed it first and answered “Sir, it will be Chin, since except Chin, all other parts are inside the mouth.”

“Correct”, the quizmaster, shouted saying “its Bosco Boys one and St. Peter’s one”

“Now comes the final question and if any other school comes up with the answer then there will be a tie breaker round among the three and the winner will be declared as champion.”

The entire audience stood up from the sit in tension.

Even the authorities of all the schools, it’s ‘do or die’ for them.

Ramu turned his eyes in search of his near and dear once and finds that the entire school fraternity stood up chanting his name.

“Decode the code displayed on the giant screen, 12 5 7 4 21 19 20”

A silent wind passed by, every single human being present over there looked towards Ramu and towards the watch, which is ticking.

“Twenty more seconds left” The quizmaster announced, adding “and the countdown begins-19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11”.

Ramu pressed the buzzer saying, “The Answer will be Leg dust” Sir.

“Explain it,” The quizmaster asked.

“We have lost two marks” Deepak spoke softly; Preety and Avik looked much tensed.

Ramu opens his mouth and starts to explain,

“L is the 12th Letter in the English Alphabet series”.

“E is the 5th Letter of the same series”

“G is the 7th Letter”

“D is the 4th Letter”

“U is the 21st Letter”

“S is the 19th Letter”

“T is the 20th Letter”

“Wonderful, excellent, right answer, a big congratulation to team St. Peters for winning the final contest of the day”

The celebration begins with immediate effects and with a buzz. 

Tears rolled from the eyes of Ramu.


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