The Day The Sky Fell

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A very long poem I wrote about a girl, her sister, and her dog living through the nuclear bomb that wiped out Nagasaki. I've always wondered how the people living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have reacted to the effects of the bomb just after it hit. This has long been an interest to me- especially since I plan on spending a semester in Japan in college and have been learning the language for two and a half years now.

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012




The Day the Sky Fell



The clouds were pale

and soft

and looked like

unwashed rice

I thought

as I rode my bike

back to my little house

in the country part

of Nagasaki.


My sister

was waiting for me

back at home

with the dog.


She was washing the dishes

when I walked inside,

>such a good little sister<

I tell her

and pat her on the shoulder

as I walk by.


The dog


needs to go outside

for a while.

I let him out the front door

and he runs out

and starts to sniff

at the bushes

in the yard.


There are no clouds now

they are all gone

Mr. Kusaka

the old man next door

is on his porch

smoking a cigarette.


I bow

and say hello

and ask

>How is your wife?<


He replies


and goes back


his little old house.


I look up now

because I hear

 a noise

a buzzing sound

what is it?

a fly?


Mr. Kusaka is

running out now

he waves his arms at me

>Get inside!<

he exclaims

>what are you doing?

Get back inside!

The bomb shelter!



I call the dog


he runs after me

and I take my sister

and we go outside

and enter the shelter.


She begins

to cry

when she hears

the plane

for the first time

and I look up

to see

if I can

see it.


Just one

only one

no others.

Why is there

only one?

Could it be

that we

scared them all



I lead my sister

down the steps

into the shelter

and we

sit and wait

for the bombing

to start.


At first

there is nothing,

but then

I hear

a noise

like a scream

and I look over

and my sister

is crying.


>Don’t be


little sister.

Look at me

am I scared?

Be like

big sister,

don’t be


I tell her.


Then there

is a roar

and dust

falls into

our laps

and Mikado

starts whining

and my

sister cries

even harder

because she

is very scared

and I am



When the

noise stops

we do not

go outside,

we are

too scared

of what

we will



We wait

for many

long hours

before finally

crawling out

of the


and looking



It is

so bright out,


is white

we blink

to try to see

but our eyes

still hurt

from the



And then

we see

our house

that is

not a house


but a pile

of broken


still smoldering


the bombs.


The grass

is not there


and the trees

our trees

are gone


and Mr. Kusaka’s

house is


just like



People are

stumbling around

looking as

lost as

we are.


There aren’t

as many

people as before

and there

are these

black spots

all over

the sidewalk

and I smell

burnt hair

and flesh.


I am


because our father

is in Kyoto

and he will

be mad

that we

couldn’t save

the house.


I look

up and

I see that

the sky is


and I

wonder why

it fell

and crushed

everything that

it landed



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