Ender's Game and Maze Runner comparison

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This is a comparison between two books, Ender's Game and Maze Runner, I will also be talking about the theme of the story, teamwork. Please give me feedback on my most recent writing. Thank you, enjoy!


Teamwork is the bridge between two parties to work together, to take risks and to do it with confidence, it is the ultimate component that leads to success. Without it, nothing is going to come true. With the presence of teamwork, everything magically falls into place. Just like in these two books, Ender's Game and The Maze Runner, one will understand the book the most prominent concept, teamwork. 
Life is about taking risks even if you fail, otherwise what's the point of living?  You need to take risks in order to have exceptional teamwork. Both books show the main characters risking it all for the freedom and success of their universe. In Maze Runner, Thomas and his friends risk their lives to fight the Grievers and evade the maze into the unknown world. On the other hand, Ender and his teammates fight to save the universe once and for all with his team of five. Both stories encompasses young super heroes between the age of ten to seventeen fighting to stay alive, to become heroes. However, what differentiates them is the choice of weapons, spears and guns. The technology is Ender's Game is so much more advanced almost anything is possible, while in Maze Runner it is like the cavemen period in history where people making a living out of your surroundings. 
Before you go into battle you need confidence and how do you get that? By encouragement. In both books, everybody has the guts to fight, to go to war and to succeed. It is all about teammates cheering on one another, pourig motivation into each other's hearts, urging all members to move on and keep fighting, and to hang on to that last inch of hope dangling at the edge of your mind. In Maze Runner, Thomas's companions were constantly encouraging him because he was their only hope, the same situation in Ender's Game, everybody looked up to the main character, Ender, to lead and to inspire. Futhermore, there is a third party in both books, which means there is somebody over their shoulders controlling them and guiding them to make them better. In Maze Runner, it is the creatorsnever show their faces and works behind the scenes giving challenges to them seeing who will have the mentality to survive.  On the other hand, the leaders and veterans in Ender's Game guide and lead the children into battle, training them and providing with life saving advice. 
You can't choose your circumstances, but you can choose to comman the situation. In both books, the author presents the reader with harsh conditions,  the author depicts how the character manages to overcome these obstacles and become the last man standing. In Maze Runner, the creators wanted to test the Gladers ability to survive so what they did was create challenges for them such as leaving the maze open making them vulnerable to attack and making no sunlight shine into the glade making their crops die. In Ender's Game, it is the same situation. Cases such as bullying from Bonzo made Ender a stronger person, the perpetual tests an challenges set for his team made them rise and fall. But they become tougher as a team leading them to success. This means that in Ender's Game, they sit in control panels shouting commands leading ships to battle compared to Maze Runner where they actually go and fight in person making a huge difference.
Michael Jordan once said, "talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships". The two groups managed as a team to take reasonable risks and overcome obstacles. Nothing is more precious than teamwork. It is the building block for unity and the steeping stone for success, the first step that everyone needs to do in order to achieve a goal.

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Your writing was interesting and I enjoyed reading it.

Tue, July 7th, 2015 9:24pm

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