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This is a thought of mine about my mother. A amazing lady of those days who was very sound about every thing and had a very modern thought and a very progressive lady.I adore her for every thing.

Submitted: May 11, 2013

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Submitted: May 11, 2013






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Today the term house wife has been changed. Now they are known as homemaker . Ages back people had a thought that house wife is only there to look after children, house work and other members of family. As time is changing and we are progressing with time. It will be really foolish thinking or talk that a simple woman who stays at home and gives her full time for household work can’t be a good home maker .Her contribution towards the betterment of the family cannot be measured.

 When I look back to those old days and I really feel that my mother was an ‘’amazing woman’’. Though she had very little education but still was excellent in managing the house as well as home finances. She made the toughest job imaginable look easy. She was married to a big joint family at a very young age. A big family and my dad was only person to earn. Our financial condition was not so good. Now I can feel that her days were very hard but she managed everything with a smile on her face. She stayed at home working whole day cleaning, washing, cooking and looking after everyone. Her simple philosophy of life which made her always successful was to have a simple life, work hard and spend little. She always said to us that time is valuable. Though at that time I really did not appreciated her thoughts. My thinking was totally different and I could not ever fathom the depths of love, care and concern of her. Her routine work was to review our house finances. Occasionally I even referred her to be ‘’ultimate-accountant’’. She looked after day to day aspect of our family finances and spending plans.  She not only gave us good education but also the simplest way to manage the economy of our daily life.  My education was all about money and finance and theoretically I knew much more than her. My education on money matters was limited, but my mother’s basic philosophy to lead a house was excellent. 

Now when I amgrown up and married and to my own business, but sometimes I get puzzled to manage my monetary problems. Being a mother myself I’ve now learned to appreciate the lesson in ‘’thrift’’ she taught me.Lots of things were limited in amount but that doesn’t matter to her and she managed everything. I saw her always to keep cash on hand. She never took any debt. She always believed that ‘’ debt’’ is the root of all evil. She taught me to have gratitude towards life and always be grateful for all the things we get. She believed that gratitude makes us healthier and happier. She accumulated all her small savings and invested. She taught me how to manage home with small amount of money. And this lesson I feel lays an important foundation for my today’s financial fitness and to have a beautiful outlook towards life. Her conventional wisdom and her advice go a long way.We all learn lesson from our experience. But I learned all from her the core and important lesson of life, and how to be happy in life and to be economically stay strong. She had a very vast vision. And today I take the opportunity to say that she is

the best mother, best economist, the best homemaker and lastly best friend with whom I can share everything, take advise, and even times without any shame  put my head on her lap and cry. God has blessed me to have this wonderful woman as my mother.








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