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This is about a vampire living in Las Vegas. Why Las Vegas? I really don't know, it just seemed like the place to be. The vampire is quite unhappy with the fact that he/she is killing people to survive.

Submitted: June 20, 2008

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Submitted: June 20, 2008



My time alone is limited.

Limited time, limited escape.

In those crowds I feel so naked.

Lost in this world of total misshape.

They don't know that I don't belong here.

But their instrincts drive them away.

Deep down inside they know something is wrong here,

This is a state of total disarray.

In the shadows I lurk,

Stalking my prey.

With a predator's smirk,

I cut the foreplay.

Fangs penetrate skin,

Warm blood runs down my chin as I drink.

Nothing beats the ecstacy I'm in.

Delicious. Impossible to even think.

I drink her dry,

I dump the girl,

Try not to cry,

Try not to hurl.

I quickly walk home,

In long, careful strides.

I write down this poem,

Put it down, bedside.

Tears soak my eyes.



I peek outside. A few minutes yet.

I reflect on my sin.

All I have killed.

Tears roll down to my chin.

I wince. My stomach churns.

Ugh, that stench.

Under the newly risen sun, my flesh burns.

Tears spill over, for the very last time.

"Die: verb. To stop sinning suddenly."

-Elbert Hubbard

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