Happiness-a guide to

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I have done a short article of feeling good about yourself. So many people find themselves hating their appearence I will try to stop that and many other problems.

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



You have all heard the cliche its whats on the inside that counts. i know so many of you think no one cares about the inside if they don't like the outside first. I feel like that too. I will make a confession. I am 5ft 7 and i weigh 9 stone and you know what I have no problem with that. All my life until now I have been treated with racism. I now go to an internatonal school where there is no racism. For a long time I believed that I was ugly that the only way to be beautiful was to white and skinny. In magazines you see all those beautiful women who look like goddesses and are everything that you aren't. Well those women do not look like that. hardly any of them look anthing like that. If you took the real model and compared her with the magazine photo you couldn't tell they were the same person. This is what happens in mgazines. they take a person, and put a ton of makeup of her to get rid of spots and bad complexion. then they go on photoshop and stretch the neck make the eyes and lips bigger and remove any imperfection. if you think I am lying go on you tube and search photoshop on models and look for the dove evolution. Magazines make out that beauty comes with skinnyness because if you think their models are beautiful you will keep reading the magazines. it is a way of power over you. When drawings fashion illustrations it looks better if the person in the drawing is skinny so to make the real life look skinny. Any man who only wants a skinny blonde girl is shallow and superficial and if there are any of those boys reading this I mean it. You are wasting you happiness thinking about all of this. Plastic surgery doesn't solve anything. Do any of the celebrities who have had a ton of plastic surgery look good? does katie price look better than You? No she looks like a plastic doll an ugly one. Nothing will ever make you beautiful if you don't fell beautiful on the inside. if you are overweight don't be sad. Lose weight eat less excersice the best way to get motivated is to get started.

many of you will feel like outsiders because you do not have the favour of the popular crowd. Well excuse my language but that is crap.(sorry i don't usually swear). I am not in the popular group. One of my best friends is but most of the popular kids at my school are dumb and don't know what a doctor is. i am in a small group just me, vaish and my friends laura and agata. there are always people who want to be friends with you. Stop worrying about your social life and start having fun. there is no point being in a group who don't accept you for who you are. sorry that's another cliche. Happiness doesn't come from being the attention of everyone it comes from being wwith people who are happy to have you around no matter what.

Now boys. this is going to be a really small paragraph because i go to a girls school so I am going to talk about the little i know. Boys(no offense) are idiots. they have nothing in there heads apart from food, sex and video games and very very ocasionally school work. So unless you want a boy just for sex you are better of waiting until they develop some maturity. if you are in school concentrate on your work. boys are just going to be a fling until you both are ready and although you ma feel ready your brain just wants to grow up fast. The time for experimentation is college not high school. And i would really recommend you stay a virgin until then. That desperation to have a boyfriend is not real. No boy will ever love anybody at this age(apart from his mother even though he won't admit it). Everyone looks at hot guys even me. But lots of hot people are horrible but again no one wants an ugly person which totaly contradicts my first paragraphs. I think that common people are the best type that's why there are so many of them.

Thank you for listening/reading

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