Heat part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl goes in search for her mother who put her under the care of her father at the age of 5. She discovers her mothers address after the death of her father. When she finds her mother she turns out to be a drug addict addicted to a drug called heat, buy the drug turns her into a monster very night and little by little she is taking her daughters souls for use of her own.


Black, the color of artificial rose the color of a storm and the color of my fathers coffin. I am wearing black a black dress my father got me when he knew he was going to die. The top is stiff and the bottom is chiffon floating around my legs like water. But what does that matter? It is no use to me anymore. I was abandoned when I was 5 my mother left me in a cupboard apparently she was ill and couldn't cope with any maternal activities. My father found me, he was my world and can you see now I am talking in past tense. My dad's girlfriend Emily is here wearing an extremely short body on dress that shows of her cleavage and everything it shouldn't, she is flirting with uncle Tom he is only 22 and she is 34. She never loved my father she only stayed with him for three reasons money and sex and the chance to be seen with a smart guy to get rid of the dumb blonde reputition.

A man I have never seen before comes up to me, he is very tall more than 6 ft at least. He wore a three piece old suit and looked like he was one of those old fashioned villains. He put a hand on my shoulder and said \"I am so sorry for your loss I knew your father very well and he told me to give you this, I am under the impression that it is the address of your mother\", I looked down at the paper it was old and tatttered it had an address scribbled on it in scruffy handwriting. But before I could speak to him he was gone and that was the last time I ever saw him.


The Address of my mothers house is in Romania near Transylvania I wouldn't go there normally out to principal but this isn't normal I am not going on holiday I am going to find my mother. Her name is Melissa Haven she must've got married again because my father and my surname is Hobb. Her house is a large mansion but it looks deserted. I go and knock on the lion-head knocked it sends a deep sound through he house. A man comes to answer the house he is about my age and I find a strange attraction to him I ahead never felt before. He is very handsome and could easily pass for a model. \"Yes, may I help you\", he says. \"Yes I am Xena I am Melissa Haven's daughter.\" \"You must be mistaken, Melissa does not have a daughter,\". \"Take me to her, she will know who I am\", I said this with all the hope that she did remember me that she hadn't forgotten the daughter she abandoned 20 yeas ago. \"Fine, but if I get into trouble I will kick you ass out myself\".


Heat, a wonderful thing, it makes me forget about Xena and her father. I only left her for one reason and that was the Heat when Xena was born I was already hooked onto it. I was not in that deep so it ruled my life but by the time Xena was 5 I needed it. One or two balloons helped me stay on top of things, and then I needed another than another till it was my life. I would have even traded my daughter for one balloon.

Nate comes through the door he is my gardener and my drugs supplier. He is a drae one of the last creatures of the otherworld so he will always stay 25 years old when he is actually 2130 years old he has been part of every important moment in history. \"A woman is in he living room, she claims to be your daughter Xena.\" I can't believe it when did she get my address? why did her father let her come here? This is nOt a safe fOr her here.


The inside of the house is very large and empty there is a single sofa in the middle and the floor is littered with balloons in colors black and green. I didn't know what they were but felt that it might be rude to ask. My mother came through the door, I could not see the resemblance between her and me. She was tall and thin with sunken in eyes and pursed lips. Her hands shook as she moved them and could not hold onto anything for a long amount of time.


Xena has turned Out to be a beautiful girl. Her hair resembles mine Lot except the fact that she doesn't look like a drug addict. \"Are you planning in staying in Romania for a while\", she looks astonished army question \"what do you mean am I staying here? I am your daughter shouldn't you be hugging me and apologizing for leaving me in a wardrobe to be found or die?\", she yells at me. \"I just meant do you want to live with me or go back home\". She looks down to the floor,\"I can't go back home my dad sold the house and I have no more money to buy another one, so it looks like I am staying here with you\". Nate comes through the door but I can see that when standing next to each other Nate and Xena seem matched for each other. Xena is shorter than Nate but tall enough to see eye to eye, their hair skin tone and eyes all match, could Xena be that girl? \"Nate make Xena a bed up in the guest bedroom\".


When I look at Xena I feel as if I know her from somewhere, is she my match?

Submitted: October 27, 2012

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