Life beyond death

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A guy dies and his spirit comes back in search for his true love who has fallen victim to a terrorist group who are keeping her in a cage in hope that he will come and rescue her so they can kill him not knowing that he is already dead.

Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012



CHAPTER 1 I stumbled through the meadow dripping blood where I was shot by the rifle in my side. I removed my jacket and wrapped it around my wound. Xavier came up to me \"who did this to you?\" he asked approaching to carry me back to the hospital. \"The terrorist group 'the black star' kidnapped me and held me prisoner when I tried to escape they shot me. I have been Walking for miles with this wound in my side.\" \"The black star? They hurt you? Well in that case I can' t help you because I am a member.\" \"You are a member? What about all the years we spent plotting to get rid of them You joined them? Why?\" \"I had a choice join them or die and I chose join them. But you see I didn't take a lot Of convincing because all those years I was helping them get rid of you\" And with that he thrust he dagger into my chest and in my Last breath I whispered \"Cassa\"

CHAPTER 2 Cassa sat in the corner or the cage. The walls were metal and rusted with gaps, big enough for them to peer and laugh at me. Food was a luxury sometimes I got bread but just enough to Keep me alive no more. Everyday I was asked where Daniel was but I don't know They beat me for not giving them information. The cage floor is metal with gaps In it and sharp edges coming up, I have to be carefully not to cut myself. In he corner my poo and wee Are festering and stinking up he whole room. I have been waiting for Daniel for a year now. He hasn't come but he will. Sometimes I can almost feel him hear,like when the door rattles and no one is there .

CHAPTER 3 I came Into Cassa's cage today was the day that I broke her out of there. She was so thin. There was a time when her her hair was full and colorful but now it is limp and is falling out in a few places. Her body so full of life not fat but beautiful now it is dull a grey color her ribs are clearly visible. Her legs are so thin she can hardly stand up I am afraid they will snap. I go to her and I whisper \"I am going to get you out\", But she doesn't respond she has been like this for so long she has been hearing my voice anyway.


Daniel speaks to me again he says he will get me out. It he has been saying that to me for a long time. He leaves me again like usual.


There are guards outside but they can't see me. I kill all of them before they can even know hat is going on. I grab Cassa and I take her out and across the meadow I was in when Xavier murdered me. But I can't go any further do I put her down on the floor and kiss her. She smiles at me and closes her eyes.


She is there. I the same meadow we both died in. She is translucent like me we run to each other that is when I realize how beautiful she is she isn't the skinny creature she was when she was locked up, but a gorgeous woman who has lived a full life. But as I go to grab her I can't hold on and she disappearsike smoke in my arms.

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