The Uglyness inside 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Tal and Luc escape from society and become outlaws.

Luc and I have been sitting in silence since he told me that we were going to leave. I don't understand why I am so reluctant to leave. There is nothing here for me. "Ok Natalia, we have to leave now. The speech is about to start and they will be looking for us."

"Where will we go?" I ask.

"There is a place. It is about a weeks walk from here. I know the way."

I am suddenly suspicious. How does he know. "How do you know?"

"I found a map. A few years ago I tried to escape. There was a man who said that he knew the way out. He gave me a map and some provisions but before we could get very far he was killed by some guards and I was returned to society."

"You had a map? If you had a map why didn't you leave a long time ago?"

"I couldn't leave you here by yourself. I was waiting for a day when we weren't under guard."

"Fine we can go", I say this and see his face light up with happiness, but that quickly dissappears. I don't think he trusts me yet. I smile back at him, "One think Luc, It's not Natalia, call me Tal."

Lus takes me to the very far corner of the gardens and finds a hole in the ground. He inserts his finger into the hole and lifts up a square patch of grass. Underneath it is a metal door incredibly rusted. "Hey Tal help me lift this." I walk over and grab the other handle and pull with all my strength. A putrid smell comes out of the door. "It's the sewer", says Luc.

He lowers himself down and lifts his hand out."Come on Natalia", he says. I lower myself down, but I am too short to reach the bottom. Luc grabs my waist and brings me down to his level. I am really close to his lips. For a moment I think we are going to kiss but instead I say "It's Tal". Luc smiles and puts me down. We look at each other for a moment but I am very sure the moment has passed. There is a passageway at our feet. "We are going that way right" I say it isn't a question. I go on my hands and knees and crawl through the hole. Thinking only of the almost kiss that we almost shared. I feel very wet. There is water all around the passage and my hair is completely soaked. Soon we arive at an even lower tunnel. I slide onto my tummy and move using my arms. Luc crashes into me. "Hey speed up!" He yells.

"No" I say "I am in front so I get to choose the speed". He says nothing more of and goes slower. Finally we come to a large opening, It isn't man made. It looks like rocks. "It's a cave," says Luc


"A cave, It is very dark. My torch will last for a few hours we will have to move fast." We walk in a fast-ish pace for about an hour without talking. "So Luc I saw a train track back there how did it get here?"

"People used to mine down here. They took all the diamonds out and sold them. This was a clay cave. In the 21st century people came down here as a sport. It was very dangerous."

"That's stupid", I say I mean why on earth wwould people want to come down here.

We walk into a very narrow walkway. Suddenly I hear a rumbling sound. The rocks behind us collapse, causing the ground to rumble very hard. Luc isn't moving. I run toward him expecting him to move as well but he doesn't. I bash into him and he falls over into the field on the other side. I fall on top of him. Our lips brush together. gently at first but soon we both kiss hard we want each other. We sit up, not taking a break from kissing and i fall back, this time Luc is on top of me. I kiss him with a growing hunger. HIs hand slides down form my hair to the back of my dress where he undoes the bow at my neck. I slip my hand down to his belt and undo his trousers. He removes his shirt and i begin to take of my bra. neck and bring him closer. I feel exhilerated and full of ecstasy. Soon we are both naked and are rolling around on the field. Near we hear footsteps. Not wanting to stop we go back into the cave and walk still kissing into an alternate opening. He stops kissing me and I am afraid that we will stop. Afraid that we won't. But he doesn't stop. He pushes me over and rolls me around until I am back on top. without me knowing he is kissing me licking and it feels so good. His finger slips between my thighs and parts my legs. It's happening really. "Excuse me i hope I am not interupting". A voice comes out from behind us.

A tall man steps out and throws some clothes towards us. get dressed and come outside. I get dressed slowly and ask him. "Luc why did that happen".

"I have been watching you for a long time Tal". He says, "I love you".


Submitted: January 04, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Aphrodite243. All rights reserved.

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