A Different Kind of Fallen Hero

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I lost my step-dad in a mining accident, every time I read a news story of another mining accident it hits me hard. Someone was lost today at a mine in Idaho which compelled me to write this. R.I.P. Ray, I love and miss you everyday!

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



Dedicated to all those that have lost a loved one or who send a loved one off everyday, mine or not.

A Different Kind of Fallen Hero


You hear a story of fallen soldiers,

rising heroes as they face each day.

Your heroism I am not here to take away, 

But wish to tell of fallen miners, 

the hero I lost was like a father,

so my story I tell from point of view of daughter.

These heroes they face each day with little light,

they pack a lunch, drive to work, and are out of sight.

Blasting and mucking through dirt and grime

under the earth for hours at a time.

Like a soldier they never know,

if above the earth again the light in their eyes will show.

The mouths of a sailor could never compare,

so many lives, it just doesn't seem fair.

We families send them off everyday,

while in our minds we constantly pray.

coal and gold and silver and zinc and lead,

these are the things that keep our heroes from their bed.

These little things the world needs,

has the ability to bring a family to their knees. 

Take not for granted your wedding ring,

a love may have been lost to get you that thing.

I ask you now to hear our cries,

as we mourn for those who have lost their lives.











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