Do what we Do

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Just some recent thoughts about life and all that, clearing my head by puttin that pen to paper yet again.

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



Do what we Do

What is this you say, your not tryin' to walk away

What is this you claim, your not the same

What is this you do, not provin' you are true

What is your intention, your causin' so much tension

What is it I want, for you not to taunt

What should I do, just give me a clue

Why do I let you mess with me, can't I just be

Why can't I get you to say, what your keeping at bay

Why did we come together, now tough as leather

Why didn't we just walk away, after that first day

What did we both see, something that could be

Why do we keep talkin, just as easy to start walkin'

Why you gotta be like me, wantin' to be free

Why do you think, everything is on the brink

Why are you running scared, when we could have shared

Why are you stuck, my mind runnin' a muck

Do you want me to say, I give up, go away

Do I just not care, I guess life isn't always fair

Do we just forget, pretend each other is no threat

Do what we do, just keep on pushin through

You say someone has no time a day, you never even really came my way

You say I try, but keep on passin me by

I am standing right here, I don't think I can be more clear

I am not perfect in anyway, but I would wake up caring everyday

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