Maybe Ladies First

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The true story behind the phrase " Ladies First"
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Submitted: January 09, 2013

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Submitted: January 09, 2013



Ladies First

That story came from a little town in Italy , Two lovers

Alberto and Adriana

which loved each other and came from different lifestyles and families and both of the lovers parents do not agree with that marriage that both of the lovers wanted , Their families pride rushed the lovers with rage and anger they wanted for the both of them to leave this life which they already hate the lovers ran into the forest and both of them stood on the cliff trying to get the courage and jump off and end it , Adriana said jump and i will surely jump after you , Alberto looked at her tears fully filling his eyes waiting to drop gave her a kiss on her forehead and closed his eyes and he jumped without even thinking .

Adriana puts hand on her mouth heysterically crying and screaming Oh My God !! what just happened why did Alberto do this and she ran back to her town to get bak to her home she was in a shock in a state of a place you don't want to be .

Alberto was not a coward for commiting suicide he made a decision in a wrong time somebody should of hold him down maybe Adriana but nobody knows what really really happened the story and the message changes by years i even made up their names .

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