I'm only human aren't I?

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just read it and you'll figure it out.

Submitted: March 30, 2008

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Submitted: March 30, 2008



I was a typical ten year old girl, or at least I thought so. My entire life I had lived by Lake Aluma, raising horses with my older brother, Tyson. We were happy and peaceful, untill one day when everything changed.

"Tyson," I call, searching for my brother. "Tyson? Someone wants to see you!"

"Okay okay," he replies, laughing. "Who is it?"

"How am I supposed to know? It's no one I've ever seen." I told Tyson, leading him to the door. There stood a tall, thin man, he wore an overcoat and jeans with boots. Tyson eyed the man angrily, and pulled me behind him.

"Sarah, go to the stalls." he commanded.

"But...who is he? Do you know him?" I ask him, my mind racing with questions.

"NOW" he yelled.  "Just...go." I ran to the stalls and began to groom Harpor, my Morgan barrel horse. Tyson invited the strange man in and I could hear their conversation, their voices were so alike and I couldn't figure out whom was saying what.

"Why are you here? We agreed not untill her eighteenth birthday."

"I never agreed to anything as such."

"That's what her parents would have wanted!"

"Her parents would have wanted her to know the truth. Sarah deserves to know what she really is." At this statement my heart began to pound and I grew afraid. "What did he mean 'what I really am'? I listened more, hoping I would get an answer.

"But she hasn't experienced anything to prove it. She's only ten for god sake! Why scare the girl?!"

"I'm sorry but she will be coming with me tomarrow since you are only hiding her from the truth."

"God please! Don't! She's only ten!! Sarah doesn't need to know! Not yet, anyhow."

"My mind is made up. She will come with me to Salem tomarrow morning." I soon began to cry a bit, my fear growing more and more. Why was I going to Salem?! I figured it was deserted. My muscles grew tense as I heard someone coming to the stalls. I wiped away my tears and continued grooming Harpor.\\\\\\\\

Tyson appeared in the entry way, his eyes cold with fear and hate. Walking up to him, I glared. What was he hiding from me? None of it made any sense to me.

"Sarah..." he began, staring back at me. "You're going to take a little trip, so go pack your things." I nodded my head and ran to my room upstairs, my heart pounding and mind racing.

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