Hidden Eyes

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Im still working on it, you can put a few things if you want, adjust and so, tell me how you think down below :)

Submitted: April 10, 2012

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Submitted: April 10, 2012



"No one knows my pain... No one knows how much i suffered... Now, no one knows me..." does word echoed in the dark.

Police were on alert, surrounding the hospital from all directions, it would be a miracel how someone would sneak in, yet you hear screams, "FIRE!!" blurted one of the officers, "At What?" a wave of replies came in, they are facing an enemy that cant be seen, a 1st time experience is what it seems, people disappearing after mark of gaint, claws grab on to what it can reach, people fire at those people, thinking they are to blame, amidst the crowd looking with horror,as a man was bitten in 2, a girl in the crowd, fragile and small, her hair long and blonde, no older then 7, not younger then 5, screamed out "Mommy, what is that thing?" trembeling with fear, a cop ran to her with plead, to ask her if she can see "what is it that you can see?", not waiting for a reply, he snatched the girl who cried, mommy was so shocked she fainted.

The cop puts her over his car, "can you see whats eaten those people?", the girl cried and shaked, wanting to go back to her mothers hand, "please, just tell us if you can see it" the cop cried with teary eyes, the girl felt sympathy to the man between fires, she pointed at the air and said "his laughing at you from there", the cop picked a gun, big and round, whats called a shot gun, he hurried to where she pointed where, fired at close rang, the monster wailed, shreaking in pain, now all can see the hideous form, no wonder who it tried to hide from, the crown screamed and ran, others stopped, and got hit with a van, cops now trembling at what they faced, a man in badges said "Fire You Morons, Shoot The Damn Thing!!!" a waves of shot filled the air, you can see how much guns raked up in there vail, the cop with the shotgun, ducked and crawled, to safety he once sought, the monster now swiss cheese, fill on the cop, blood spilled, that was the monsters last victim, in a blze the crowd cheered, while cops now catious of the monster, few ran to help there comrade, lefting the monster which is now dead, they put it back because of there comrade in red, few wept, few cried, but all felt sorrow, for the loss of the dead.

I wanted to go hug my mother, because now i faced another of horror, policemen now swarmed me another, the man in badge came, with white hair and crippled face, he looked at me with glaring eye, "bring her to the station" the man walked away, police confused, but followed his sway, i am now kidnapped, by the people who i helped, thrown in a car, i hit my head, black is all i could remember after that.

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