My Poem to You.

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This is a poem I wrote for my significant other. :) He enjoyed and so I'm sure you will too.. Don't forget to leave me some comments ;D

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012




My feelings I write on this paper to you

As simple as it sounds, it’s hard to do

My feelings flow from my heart and soul

These feelings are what make me whole


They are what make me who I am today

And all I’m trying to say

Is that, with these, I trust in you

And making me happy is what you do


That when I start to miss your smile

Mine goes away for awhile

When I miss the look in your eyes

My heart is the one that cries


Whenever I think of you

The feeling I have is new

When I’m with you, I feel I have nothing to fear

To describe how I feel, no word could come near


Because of you, I smile everyday

To make you happy, I’d find a way

And when you cry

Your tears I’ll dry


For when you are lost, I’ll take your hand

And guide you throughout this wonderful land

For when you’re sad, I’ll make you smile

I’ll make every day of living worthwhile


And no matter what anyone else may see

You are truly perfect to me

Your smile alone brightens up my day

Because of you the pain goes away


And no matter where you are

No matter how far

I will always hold you in my heart

So we will never be apart

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