The Fight For Salvation

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This is a poem about me and my sister (not that she's an angel or that I'm a demon or anything). But it's a poem I made pretty much saying how she's always been there for me even at my worst of the worst times of my life, and how she has always had my back.

Submitted: March 26, 2012

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Submitted: March 26, 2012



In the vast dark, we sit

Mending my broken spirit

Her golden wings, she carries me on

All feelings left in me, gone


My heart growing cold

My tainted soul, she holds

Embracing the dark

Their sisterly love, stark


They would never leave one another, they swore

Not giving up

Their past they try to restore

Never letting go


Looking up towards the vastly coloured skies

How could I ever have listened to those lies?

Still she insists to grasp me tight

Although I have done no right


Such a forgiving soul

The demon inside she tries to extol

My blue eyes, exist no more

Now smiling deep into her core


She’s looking back

My eyes darker than black

Her grip loosening realizing now

The war she can’t allow


No longer wanting to fight

Her eyes slowly fill with contrite

Her look of innocence now lacking

Trying hard to hold her anger back


Running now, from the demon

Once known as her sister

Promising she’ll be back for me

This being my last solid memory


I know she’ll be back for me

One day, just wait and see

And when she came

She came with no shame


Carrying the sword of angelic pride

The archangels at her side

Tears of rage filling her eyes

As she battles for my life


One demon after another

Like it was no bother

Slicing through them with no care

Only wanting her sister back with her, here


A seemingly never ending battle

Brought to a stop

No longer can I hold it back

Clashing my blade against her pure heart


Only to realize I have missed

Even now, she still persists

Stronger than ever before

She just wants her sister back, without the blood and gore


I scream in silence

Trying to contain the beast

I won’t give up, without this fight

This will be made right


Fighting against my own sister

I cannot bear

Together we will defeat this demon

I swear


Inside I am trapped

Now, bound in chains

As she chants

Her Latin rants


Exorcizing the demon that is buried

Deep within my tortured body

I’m screaming on the inside

For a way out


My prayers, soon to be answered

The demon now leaving

The body it entered

Leaving me limp


She drops her book

Running to my side

My blue eyes are back

Holding me in her arms she cries


She’s finally done it

The demon, it’s gone

I’m lying still, breathing deeply

Through my own eyes, I see


Tears streaming down my face

Holding her back in a sisterly embrace

A heart of courage she doth have

This long of a grasp as never been so salving

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