Love's Rebirth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
It is about a married women that she was mad in love with the man she met but she realizes that love isnt all she thought it was.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012




She sits there,

Broken, bruised, and beat.

Wondering how this has happened,

As she tastes blood so sweet.


It started off so well,

With feelings impossible to contain.

They were open, and honest,

And between them, there was no pain.


But slowly, things changed,

Things she thought normal.

She blew them off,

Thinking that they were nothing but abnormal.


Over time, the love she felt, no longer existed,

And all she felt was an emptiness.

A feeling she couldnt rid of,

A love that was everything but bliss.


But there was no where else,

That she could go.

She was all alone,

Just her and her woe.


He comes home,

And not a word leaves his lips.

His non-existent love,

As visible as an eclipse.


She finds any way,

To look for his approval.

She does everything he asks,

And yet his satisfaction will never be full.


She's lost in a world,

That no one else can see.

Fighting to survive,

As she drops to her knees.


She lays silently all alone,

As her tears flow off her face.

No one bothers to step in,

And volunteer to be her brace.


All hope is lost,

And all desire has long left her.

The only way out,

Is to take her life and fade into a blur.


What is holding her back,

What is stopping the impending action.

She feels as if no one cares,

As she looks at the gun.


But a voice in her head,

Keeps her finger, from ending it.

It says, I am near to the broken hearted,

And i save the crushed in spirit.


She remembers that voice,

From a time long ago.

A verse she learned,

One that she did know.


She walks out the door,

Suitcase in hand.

Leaving a life of hate,

And going towards one that is grand. 


He doesnt even know,

That she just walked out.

The love was long gone,

Of which they both had no doubt.


Her future is uncertain,

But even that brings a smile.

She is forever free,

From a life full of bile.


She walks away,

Greatfull and trusting.

Optimistic of what life,

And the Lord will bring.


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