Never Alone1

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describes me during a rough patch

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012




I look on,

Trying not to be noticed.

All hope is long gone,

Of getting any kind of attention.


No one see's,

The hurt I feels inside.

No one cares,

That that my soul has died.


Did all of this suddenly,

One day begin.

Or have i not noticed,

That this is how its always been.


How do i amend,

The hurt that i feel,

If i cannot end,

All the ridicule around me.


No one understands me,

Or how i feel.

I'm just floating debree,

In an ocean of the forgotten.


Why should anyone care,

About what i think.

I stopped caring myself long ago,

And have lost all desire and zeal.


What is there to live for,

What reason do i have to keep on going.

My face is to the floor,

And all hope is lost.


But there is still One,

Who cares enough to listen.

There is none,

In the world like Him.


He listens to all my dreams,

And helps in any way possible.

He takes care of my needs,

And keeps my heart full.


As long as i have Him

Nothing else matters.

He hold me while I cry,

And wipes away all my tears.


He is my eternal King,

And my best friend.

I will forever sing,

Of his greatness unending.

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