The Eternal Disease

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Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012




You smile at me,

With your perfect eyes.

Saying everything's fine,

That it will be alright.

You lie to my face,

Trying not to hurt me.

But all you do,

Is tear my insides out.

I want to help,

To ease the pain you feel.


Your pretty smile,

Covers what lies beneath.

Your happiness,

Is only skin deep.

Your heart aches,

And so does mine.

What can you possibly hide,

That i cannot find.

What secrets do you have,

That i cannot handle.


I ask you whats wrong,

And you laugh and say nothing.

You skip around the subject,

And turn it all on me.

Your focus is not right,

I could care less if im happy.

I want you to be the same,

Feeling the joy i feel.

And if there is pain,

Let me in to your heart.

Show me what hurts,

And i wll mend what i can.


I love you dearly,

And with all my heart.

But i cant be a friend,

If you keep me at bay,

Like an enemy unseen.

I am not your pain,

I am your ally and your friend.

What do i have to do,

What do you want me to say,

To make you feel better.


You cannot fool me,

With your games.

Something is terribly wrong,

And i dont know what.

I beg of you, please,

Let me carry your burden.

Let me be what others cant.

A friend who cares,

And wants nothing more,

Than to be there for you.


So.. what do you say,

Do you want happiness.

Do you want what,

Others have, that you wish,

You could always have.

I am right in front of you,

With the remedy,

To your disease.

A disease that will eat,

You away, till there is nothing,

That can be salvaged from you. 


Let me be the cure,

To the parasite in your life.



© Copyright 2018 Apollo Sappo. All rights reserved.

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