Caring For The Elderly

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Is caring for the elderly a must? Read the script to find out!

Submitted: April 30, 2012

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Submitted: April 30, 2012




Good afternoon everyone! Caring for the elderly. Is this a must? Honestly, there is no fixed answer to this question as different people have different views. What matters is how willing you are to care for the elderly and whether you have the time to take care of someone. So what if you care, without a willing heart? So what if you care, when you have to time? If I were your grandmother, and you act as if you really care when you didn’t, I rather nobody care for me than to let someone unwilling to care for me care for me. This is because what I want is someone who care for me wholeheartedly. I wouldn’t want to hear complaining every day. I want to spend the last few years of my life happily, leaving without any regrets. Example, I have a neighbour who was seventy-eight years old. She had two children and a husband. Her children were both very filial to her and her husband. Although they came back only during the weekends, I could tell that they really care for their parents. They were worrying if their parents were fine a not.  My neighbour once told me that they felt very lucky to have such a filial son and daughter. I also felt very happy for them and hope I would be as lucky as them. Unfortunately, one Saturday, my neighbour was found dead as she accidentally slipped and fell on the wet floor. Her husband and children were devastated. They cried really long and seeing them cry makes me cry too. I just hope that they would be fine. These days, fewer and fewer people will be that filial to their parents. Many people either “dump” them at a nursing home or leave them at home without giving two hoots about them at all, and because of this, there are even advertisements and films on this issue of people taking turns to take care of an elderly which really made life miserable for the elderly that some might even commit suicide. I really hope that in ten years time I would be able to see many loving and caring people and the nursing homes in Singapore to be empty! In summary, caring for the elderly wholeheartedly is a choice that I encourage everyone to do. Thank you for your time and attention.

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