The Wake

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A three-part story ending in a cliff hanger. The world has begun anew, all life wiped out by a grand order. Valerie is one of only seven, she's flawed. But when she arrives at school, she has special guests waiting for her. But for what?
Firstly, she isn't flawed, she's human. Secondly, the government needs her. Lastly, she isn't what they expect.

“A flaw was made in the programming for this subject. You were set as the ally. Coteries .1 and .2 were both set as enemies. This would have caused great confusion to the subject and it would cause errors in the data. She has proved to be part of the H.A species. Project “The Wake” has served its purpose. We do not have a use for the coteries, they will be disposed of.” The man pulled the gun’s hammer back, aiming at the boy’s head. “You are a coterie.”

Then he shot.

Then he missed.

Then I spoke.

“Have you forgotten whose mind you are in?” I asked. The man looked at me. The gun had disappeared from his hands. It levitated above the abyss before falling. “You are in my mind. You are in my simulation. You are in my control.” I was in control. I could feel it. I took a step forward, into the abyss. But I did not fall. I remained atop. Then I took another step. Another. Another. And another. Until I reached snow.

Submitted: July 13, 2019

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Submitted: July 13, 2019



February 22nd, 2183




Subject name: Valerie Acier


Subject gender: Female


Subject code: 425213517S.7


Subject title: Final


Subject species: H.A


Subject fingerprint: 9326410196442



Subject description: 


Brown hair

       Brown eyes

       Average stature


Subject Milieu


Coteries: Claudia North (-), Sylvia Dyanite (+ C.b)


Edifice: Point Vivant


Tincture: Red


Internee: Gloria Acier, Kevin Acier




 Motive: Advanced society


 Overseer: Zephyrus Salion




T h e   W a k e


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