Wild Woman

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Submitted: February 01, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



She runs free through the trees flowing with the winds chilling breeze.

Her paws leave prints as she dances amongst the autumns auburn leaves.

She quenches her thirst with the aquamarine trickles of the fresh bursting streams.

She gazes in awe at the colorful world; the intense yellows of the sun and the shadowy greys that have a slight haze.


Her wild eyes glisten as they absorb the bright shimmering light that seeps from the stars in the dark of night.

 No man can tame her wild ways; it runs too deep within her veins

She stands tall, she stands proud, she’s ready to release her enchanting sound.

Her lips touch and kiss the dark indigo sky as her howl sings a wild tune to the glowing moon.

Her howl cradles the wilderness and whispers a sacred secret; I would kill and even die for a love a pure as the midnight sky.


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