The Hemopheliac

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A Hemopheliac's worst nightmare, almost coming true

Submitted: September 22, 2011

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Submitted: September 22, 2011



The blood dripped from his hand, his mind slowing, making it feel like a red feather on its paced descent. The metal of the blade clattered on the linoleum, bringing him back to reality. It was only a small cut, but it felt like a large gash had been carved into his whole forearm. He blinked looking at the red standing out against the white floor. Quickly then, he held his arm tight to stop the bleeding. His pulse pounded; It had been the third time that week that he had been harmed so easily.

He had a condition, though he thought of it more as a curse. Whenever his skin was harmed, the blood would not stop escaping. He was born with the disease, almost dying three times in his childhood.

He walked to his bathroom, careful not to waste time. The blood slipped between his fingers onto the floor before he got to the sink. He let his hand go, only for a moment, before he grabbed the first aid kit from the counter. he pulled out gauze and hastily wrapped it around his hand. He kept bleeding, but at least he would find time to find his medication. He couldnt help but worry about what would happen next, making his pulse faster, pumping the blood even more through his body.

Being home alone this time made the fear only worsen. He grabbed more gauze before pulling out a syringe from the white box. He has medication, but now he needed a quick solution.

He took the cap of the sterilized needle off with his teeth, spitting it out in the sink. He stretched his arm out letting his hand bleed to its full extent. He stuck the readied needle into the artery in his arm, wincing slightly before pushing the plunger down completly. The medicine entered his system, quickly taking effect.

Finally the blood stopped flowing, creating a thicker mixture from the shot. It slowed to a periodic drip before scabbing a few minutes later.

He took the syringe out carefully, dropping it in the sink with the cap. He took a deep sigh, content with the result now. He had never had that happen before without his parents home before. He was terrified of what might have happened.

He looked at the now red sink before pulling his phone out of his pocket. He dialed a few numbers with his bloody fingers waiting for it to ring.

After a few seconds a woman's voice picked up..."hello?"

"Mom...It happened again..."

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