Horrible Transparency

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A short poem.

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013



The horrible transparency with which we cloak ourselves wears thinner every day. We coat our eyes in liquid so viscous and sickly sweet so that when we look in the mirror our gaze may meet the person we have come to know. The psychotic unbalance of it all is lost in this pool of treason: a treason so vile we cannot stand to look at it.

Not all is lost. This filthy substance that we so eagerly pour over ourselves daily is a recipe that can withstand the ages: and it very well has. Each of us can smell the awful stench of falsities from others, as it resides in the back of our minds if we one day decide to shed it. But our noses have become accustomed to this smell, and we chose to ignore its existence. Still, it does exist, as man-kind has yet to extinguish it, and as long as it exists there is hope yet.

These primal instincts cannot be covered up. They cannot be masked by our own man-made perfume. We must learn to conquer them, for when we have tamed these beasts, then we can be free.

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