The Powers Of A Butterfly

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Who would have thought the power something as small as a butterfly could have. If we all could only be as touched.

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



The Butterfly


A butterfly is a creature of innocence and purity. It is frail yet has such power. You ask yourself, “How can a butterfly have such power?”


Its crude gracefulness from the flutter of its wings guide him on a gentle breeze. Not even the crashing sound of a stream can knock him from his pedestal high upon that rock. He sits and ponders of what adventures awaits this little butterfly. He spreads his wings only to be caught by the wind as it carries him through a vast world of trials and tribulation. He doesn’t know where he is going or will end up but he happily floats on by on that gentle breeze that will carry him to a place where only he can be happy and free. Will he make it, no one knows. He has traveled far and wide in the only life he has known. He would travel high above the clouds if he could to experience such wonder that only the heart could imagine. His journey has been long yet one that he will never forget. The little butterfly comes to the end of his journey and comes to rest on the finger of a little girl. Although to her his journey was short she saw the love of that butterfly from his gentle touch and the kiss of his wings. As the butterfly left to spread his love as too did the little girl. She spread her wings and in her mind saw a world of such beauty and innocence as the wind blew through her beautiful blonde hair.


Imagine if we all could be touched by the love of a butterfly as was the little girl. To be touched so young and share it as we grow. The power of a butterfly isn’t in strength but in the beauty and love he holds in his heart to spread his wings and give the gift to others as he floats so carefree on that gentle breeze that touches us all.

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