My First Sestina

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This is my first attempt of a sestina.

Submitted: November 30, 2007

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Submitted: November 30, 2007



Floating down from the cold sky
freely floating from side to side
on my check it will land to send
a shiver down my spine, I am ready
to go play outside now, so I will
bundle up to be all nice and toasty
When I go back inside I will have buttered piece of toast
and stare out the window at the light blue sky
I am wanting to see what will
happen to the neighbors on each side
are they ready,
to pay the mailman to have their packages sent
Oh to be sent
to somewhere nice and toasty
I am ready
to see a bright blue sky
side to side
warm dry sand to make a sand castle I will
I will
have to know I can’t send
a jellyfish home or it will sting my side
I don’t think I will feel very toasty
but for a moment looking up to the sky
they tell me to take a deep breath to be ready
For they are going to move me so I close my eyes to be ready
for I will
try to take a deep breath of the ocean sky.
A letter to my mom I will send,
so she will not worry that I am staying toasty,
on my way home laying on my other side
So to not cause pain to my hurt side
When we arrive I try to get ready
To be rushed through the cold night air to inside where it is toasty
I will
Have to write thank you notes and send
Them in the morning and watch the mailman leave under the early morning sky

Today I will sit in the window looking at everyone playing outside. Playing side by side under

what is now a hot toasty sky. I am ready to finish breakfast and wish that my mother would send

me outside but my side is not better yet to go play under the warm sky.

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