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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Wedding is the most special moment in an individuals life. This is a wedding that takes place amidst nature in the forest with all the wild animals being my well wishers. Here I take you into my wedding and share my blissful moments

Submitted: February 16, 2014

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Submitted: February 16, 2014




The moon and the clouds played hide and seek,

The trees sang for the wedding,

The wood pecker, cuckoo played on the instruments,

The monkeys supervised the food section,

The elephants welcomed the gathering.


It was a grandeur wedding,

The vows were the most unique,

The union between the man and his woman was the wedlock,

A wonderful tree house was the gift,

Carefully constructed for just us.


The fragrance of the rare flowers chosen by the bees enticed us.

Its window faced the lovely falls, a little paradise, for the only Adam and Eve,

The place was chosen by the peacocks for us to nest.

Twilight set in.

Everything shone from the falls to my love’s eyes.


The night fell with cold air.

The only blanket was the warmth of our bodies,

The peahen danced in the rain calling on her partner.

Indicating us…it’s time.

There was romance in the air


The fragrance of the wild flowers had its effect on us.

Making us dizzy and drool in love.

A sort of sweet intoxication.

The union of the opposite sexes, nature’s open secret.

To regenerate, an outcome of love.


Moist with his kisses and licks,

From the nape of my neck to the tip of my toe,

Worshipped each and every part of the body,

The excitement contained all the while flowed into me,

Making me his only woman.



I took a walk by the hill side.

New morning with the freshness that brought me joy.

Reminiscing the wonderful moments,

All the sweet hugs and kisses,

I kept smiling without knowledge.


The birds were curiously looking at me.

I saw them speak amongst themselves.

The trees bent down to study my face…the reason for my happiness.

The flowers told me that I looked beautiful than ever.

The images kept coming back.


I sat by the river, dipped my legs in the flowing water.

I wondered at the beauty of nature, of love and its power.

She could see the images and blushed more than me.

All the fish came to me, congratulated and blessed me.

They said his charm, vibrance had come upon me.


It was the river of love that cleansed me and transformed me.

Virgin to a woman.

The union had been Heaven, Bliss and Sacred….


Dt:14-01-2014 April Pearl

© Copyright 2020 April Pearl. All rights reserved.

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