Apathy 4th Book of The Endurance Series

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"Oh boys don't concern yourself with my age," she purred as she came within ear shot of their conversation, " I assure you mister officer that I am the perfect age, right for the plucking," she smiled seductively. Sliding her hand up Ronald’s sleeve. She could feel him squirming like a worm on a hook. "But, if you want to take me in, I won't fight you," she turned her back to him, placing her hands behind her, while arching her back. Stealthy she displayed the soft milky skin of her tight buttocks. She turned her head slightly to capture his reaction. The vulnerability of her poise beckoning his animal lust.
"We can take your word for it,"Tamarius defended pulling Ronald back from her. She reluctantly turned around to face them. Her eyes now locked on Ronald.
"How did you know, I was a ..." Ronald began to question but was stopped by a sudden urge to cough.
"Are you all right?" Maxwell asked Ronald.
"Something, in my throat!" he fought out between coughs.
"Bathrooms right down that hall," Oleander announced with devilish glee. She knew exactly what caused his sudden cough attack. She had no time for easy targets and he would just run interference with her main targets

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