Healing Process

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Trying to help the ones you love.

Tyring to forget the ones you used to love.

Healing Process...

Submitted: November 12, 2007

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Submitted: November 12, 2007





He hummed quietly rocking her in his arms for some time now, whispering soft words of comfort and love every time she would start having a flashback. Horrid detail she had to go through, being taken advantage of and being hurt physically that made him absolutely sick. Mentally, he knew she was far from okay having to go through the painful ordeal filled with forced gestures and awful words that had been yelled at her while she cried in scarce fear while the body forced himself onto her, screaming with fury while Thomas’ body translated his level of aggravations into actions. On her. His Alison. His girlfriend who had a past, a past so difficult and filled with moment of downfall, but it shaped who she was.


The woman in his arms who could be so strong she could compare herself to world wrestlers who would beat the shit out of other with a muscle mass larger than her own weight. There were times when she could be a damsel in distress needing his help either big or small. Right now she was not a damsel letting out her hair for him to climb and save her in a large castle guarded by knights. Right now she wasn’t a wrestler who would slam her opponents onto the mat and wait till the referee counted to three, slamming his hand down next to the loser as he watched his title disappear from him.


Right now she was Alison. His girlfriend who was scared, who felt alone when she was in that room having her dignity and her comfort taken away from her without any consent what so ever. She was Alison Stone who needed to be held and rocked while he would whisper to her, kiss her ever so gently so she wouldn’t freak over the sudden movement, the intimate gesture that she was used to from Jared. And only Jared. He slowly brushed her hair from her face, her eyes quickly darting up at him fearing his movement.


Jared’s heart clenched seeing her so afraid and so aware with every little thing, every little breath and movement directed towards her. His cooed soft words to her examining the damage done to her face, the cut on her right cheek as well as a bruise forming on her cheek bone. A hand mark slowly darkening in time, she was slapped. How was she suppose to forget about it when the mark was left on her face, the size of Thomas’s hand right on her other cheek full of pain and sorrow. I reminder for the time being as well as her other injuries she received from the brutal fight, beating she took just to stay unharmed. He stroked her face quietly careful on some areas while she looked up at him, her small hand grasping onto the collar of his shirt tightly while she rested her head back on his chest listening intently on his heartbeat that thudded in a pattern that soothed her. Just like some individuals who had OCD, or a patient he was treating a month ago, some dealt with what was going on by having something stable around them. Helping them with the pain or the nervousness they were feeling. What Alison was using was his heart, the beat of the muscle that kept him, kept her alive. She hummed quietly while he listened not wanting to shaken her in any way. She was too fragile at the moment.


Jared hadn’t even gotten her examined yet, which was bad. He was a doctor, and he needed to get her cleaned up and have someone use a rape kit on her. He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t. He knew she was hurting but it pained him as much as it did, seeing what he did when he walked into Aaron’s room and have his best friend. His fucking best friend inside the woman he loved while she cried for Jared to save her. Save her. He was her knight in shining whatever, and he was suppose to be there before she was harmed. And he was late. He got the warning and he was to slow, leaving her used and battered by the person he least expected. Thomas Sloan. His best friend. His little brother he used to take care of with Mark, he taught him how to ride a bike and play football when he was a kid. He taught him how to get girls the right way, unlike Mark who would do or go down on anybody in a skirt and had a pulse, weak or not. He had never taught him to disrespect a woman’s body for power or for his own needs. Never. A man who would do something like this was a coward and deserved to rot in hell, be tortured and hurt as much as the person, the people he caused pain and havoc towards. But that was the second thing to worry about. The first was Alison, and always Alison. She needed to be tended to, have her wounds sutured and x-rayed in case of any fractures or broken bones. From the scars and finger nail marks across her chest, her abdomen, her arms, her slender back, between her thighs.




Her body, the body that he loved. The love of his life who changed him for the better and helped him live life rather then dwell on the materials and titles of power. He loved her, her body, her soul. Everything about Alison Stone. Just a few more minutes of letting her get used to the calm state at the moment before facing the rest. Before facing the other doctors, the police, the meddling nurses and interns who were already talking about the patient Dr. Andrews had brought in to gossip central. The police were already in the hallways as Aaron talked to them with what he knew. He heard the mumble of the deep voices in the uniform and their large hats that meant they were the guys to talk to when garbage had hit the fan without knowing which anus it came from. They were the man who had cuffed Thomas, his beaten body barely conscience to the gurney where he was transported in the building. He was in Toronto General, just the next door down. His door guarded by security while they were tending to him a the moment. With the punches and thrusting kicks he had done to the son of a bitch, he knew there would be some broken bones as well as deep bruises all over his sickening body.


His thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock at the door, light enough to be only heard by Jared while he placed a hand carefully at the back of her head pulling her closer to his body. His body heat making her feel more comfortable than she was minutes previous to the change of location. He raised his other hand up and motioned for the person to come in, his finger placed right against him mouth not wanting him to make any sudden noises that would strike Alison’s fearful mind.


Aaron tip toed closer to the bed while he saw his best friend look so sad and lonely, even when her eyes were shut Aaron could see the frantic movement of her eyes underneath her fair lids.


“How is she?” he whispered quietly looking down at her, his eyes stopping at the bruised mark on her face almost covering her tiny cheek.


“She’s the best she can be at the moment.” Jared replied, Alison quickly opening her emerald eyes rimmed red, her eyes almost red from the crying. Her tear ducts had not stopped producing the salty tears as they came full force once again, a sob breaking the silence in the room. “Shhh, I’m still here Ali. No ones going to hurt you anymore, and Aaron is right here as well. He’s worried about you. We’re all worried about you.” He whispered quietly, but the tears kept on coming full force a sob reckoning her tiny body as she shake violently in his arms. “You’re going to be okay. I promise. I will be here with you.” He assured her while her face was hidden in the crook of his neck, her finger clutching onto his shirt as well as some of his skin leaving small red marks.


“Ali.” Aaron whispered walking slowly right next to Jared his hand touching the back of her head, stroking the soft strands of her honey blonde hair. She flinched at the touch only to be at ease once again, her tears dampening Jared’s shirt leaving a dark mark on his shoulder. Her sobs quieted down for a second while she heard Aaron’s voice, soothing and gentle while he talked. “I love you, we all love you and we’re going to be here.” He reassured her, feeling the slightest nod of her head, still not looking up from where her head lay.


“We do Ali. I love you so much, you cannot even imagined.” He confessed, although he knew that she knew this deep down all along. Voicing his feeling would help her through this he thought. “You mean more to me than life itself. As cheesy as that is, it is true. So very true.” He whispered, leaving a soft kiss on her cheek.


“And I love you more than watching sports every week. I would have said the more than life line, but I wouldn’t want to steal Jared’s thunder.” He chuckled trying to make the moment light. Alison giggle, her intoxicating giggle absent for the time being. Jared smiled at his attempt to have the old Alison back, even if it was for a second but he didn’t succeed. Although her crying top, her breath still ragged and uneven. Aaron sighed as he patted Jared on the back, in comfort rather than it was usually meant by. “Hey.” He whispered quietly, crouching down so he could only hear what he was about to say in the silent room.




“The police, they want to talk to you about what happened.” He replied, hesitant in his voice.


“Right now?” Jared asked, looking down at the woman in his arms. He couldn’t just leave her right now. “I can’t just go leaving her like this.” He responded in defeat.


“I know, but they need to know soon since Thomas-“


“Don’t say his name. I can’t even hear it without remembering.” He admitted quietly trying to hold back the tears, his blue eyes watering.


“Well, you know who is in the next room being checked out. They have a Doctor Burke on the case as well as police around at every second. They don’t have him conscience yet, that son of a bitch is still out cold but they do want to know how he got them.” Aaron explained. “And about what he did to…” he trailed off looking at Alison who had now had her eyes shut, her breath now deep. Jared looked down at his watch to notice it was already two in the morning. Time had past so fast, and everything going on at the moment, everything to worry about made him lose track of time. But it effected Alison, her tiny body needing sleep. He knew her mind didn’t want to even shut her eyes, her attempt to stay awake and hold onto him keeping her aware for the past hour but everything around her. What she had to go through was taking a toll, and she gave up. Her beautiful eyes shut and her hold loose, her arm slowly sliding off from around his neck while she slept.


From a distance she would have looked like a peaceful angel resting her tiny body, although she had many brutal marks on her body. But from close up, like he was, he could tell there was worry in her face and her body was not completely rested, feeling some seconds where she would tense then release. Tense and release.


“She’s asleep?” Aaron whispered as he noticed not far after.


“For now.” Jared sighed. “I don’t know how long she will be down though. I don’t want her to wake up and me being gone. I can’t put her through that.” He replied sadly.


“I know.” Aaron nodded. “But what about her…” gesturing her bruise and cuts. “What are you going to do about those?” Aaron couldn’t even say what had Alison look the way she did. Those painful marks of the past still with her physically and mentally for much longer. No one could go through what she did and come out fine. It would take longer than day, weeks, month. Maybe even years.


“I have to get her checked out as soon as possible, and then find someone perform a kit on her.” He sighed.


“Someone? Can’t you do it?” Aaron asked confused.


“I’m her boyfriend, I can’t be on her case. But I will be by her side, you can count on that.”


“How about the ‘you know who’? What are you going to do about him. Sure Dr. Michael is tending to him now, but what about after? I know he’s your best friend and all-“


“He is not my best friends.” Jared snapped in a harsh whisper. “He is not my friend, or someone I know. I used to think he was my brother.” He scoffed unhumored by the situation. “My brother! I knew him from when he just a little kid. He was under my wing for years and years. He was family to me, the kind where you would risk your life for if they were in trouble. He meant that much.” He whispered, his hand pounding onto his chest where his heart still ached. “Then he did this. He hurt her so much I can’t even think about it. He hurt me. He hurt you. Everyone. So no, he is not my friend. He is nothing. He is a stranger in my eyes, I don’t even no his face no more. He is a monster, and I will not be anyway tied to him.” He said, wiping a tear that trailed his face.


“I’m sorry.” Aaron whispered, his eyes watering as well, but able to hold them back. “If I…Alison is my best friend. If I lost her, I would be devastated. She is my baby sister, even though I’m eleven months older than her I still think she’s just a little kid needing protecting. If I couldn’t have her in my life, I don’t know what I would do.” He said quietly.


“Neither would I.” Jared replied softly, his hand landing on Aaron’s shoulder squeezing it comfortably. The room was quiet once again as they sat there just taking everything in. What had happened that night with the bar and then coming home to a nightmare. Everything was going downhill at the moment.




“Yeah?” he responded.


“I am going to have to do something quickly. Just outside of this room for you to call me if she wakes up.” He said quickly looking at him. “I need you to hold her, make her feel safe while I go get her a doctor that I trust.”


“Okay.” Aaron said standing up from his crouched position. It took a while to figure out how to change positions and not have Alison wake up. They were surprised that she was practically blacked out not even stirring as one of them had accidentally bumped into the bed side table. Jared had successfully moved out from the bed carrying Alison in his arms, scooped up and still asleep while Aaron removed his shoes and slid into the tiny patients bed. He made himself comfortable with the uncomfortable pillow and waited for Alison to be set in his arms.


Jared was rather reluctant to do so, but he  knew she would be in good hand. He had told her he would not leave her, he wouldn’t. That too far. He was just going to be a few step out the door and that was all he would set himself to. Just close enough to where her body lay and where he could get things done. Slowly he had her body laid carefully and made sure she was secure. He worried, a little too much by people’s standards but he didn’t care. He moved some of her locks that were covering her face, pressing a soft kiss on her forehead, smiling sadly at her while Aaron watched, pained himself.


“Umm…if she stirs or even moves a little bit you should…” his hand moving to her tiny nose, his thumb grazing the bridge.


“Stroke her nose.” Aaron finished, surprising Jared.


“Yeah, it helps her sleep more. It’s like a gesture to replace a security blanket some people have.” Jared chuckled still continuing on with the gesture, reluctant to leave.


“Hey Jared, she’s going to be fine. You said you’re just going to be right outside the door-“


“And I am.” He snapped before realizing what he had done. He bowed his head down choking back the sob. “I’m sorry.” He apologized.


“It’s fine man. I understand.” Aaron replied with a small smile. “She’ll be okay. I have it covered.” He reassured him before Jared detached his hand from Alison, standing up slowly. He gazed back at her sleeping body before turning around and walking out the door in defeat.


She’ll be okay.






He walked to the nurses station quickly, head turning from many of the nurses and the interns. Barbie right where he was heading as he groaned, but decided not to even bother with her.


“Clark!” he called out, his voice loud and demanding. “Page Dr. Simon to room 411, make it a 911.” He snapped while he nodded in reply going over to the phone replying to his request.


Hello Dr.

Andrews.” A bubbly intern greeted, her cheerful aura too much for him at the moment. “You’re here early. Are you on call?” she asked sweetly leaning against the station.


“No.” he replied gruffly. “I am not here for work. Do you not see what I am wearing!” he snapped whiles she flinched. “There is blood on my clothes because the person I thought I knew the best is actually someone I know nothing about.” He snapped while she nodded.


“I..I…I’m sorry to hear that.” She replied. “If you want to talk about it I’m here.”


“Talk! You really want to hear about what happened?” he snapped, his hand forcefully slamming onto the counter, making every head turn. Heads of nurses that talked shit, heads of interns that never did what was told, heads of strangers who were sitting in the waiting area waiting for news on loved ones. Well, they were going to get a show, entertainment on his reality that was hitting him like a thousand knives to his heart until there was not an area left unstabbed.


“You want to know? Okay, fine. My best friend. My fucking friend that I spent nearly nineteen Christmases, nineteen birthdays, nineteen thanksgiving with is someone I don’t know! He was…was…was my brother, my fucking brother Barbie! My family that I loved with all my heart. And do you know what the son of a bitch did? Do you? I walk into my apartment and hear my g..irlfri..end …crying out my name in such pain I wished I had cut off my ears, and when I walk through the bedroom door I find her in bed lying naked while he…ra…rap… rapes her. Her beaten body so small…. and is being used by that fucking asshole! He raped her! He touched her and…and I don’t know what to…what to do!” he sobbed, his knees not holding his weight as he fell to the ground.


Everything was coming at him all at once. His eyes looked up and saw that the blonde intern was in shock while she had tears in her eyes. He saw the police officers that had made their way at the apartment watching him in pity slowly standing up from where they say. He saw the nurses quiet down for once in their damn lives and watched. He saw Clark, good old Clark walk towards him.  


Everything in slow motion.


He crumbled, the sobs and the tears not leaving his face. He had to let it out, breathing wildly as he connected eyes with everyone in the room.


Beep. Beep. Beep.



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