Do You Think Of Me?

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Sometimes do you ever wonder if someone ealse that you may like is ever thinking about you? Well my poem is about how I feel. I wonder if he ever thinks of me and if things was different could we be together! Well I hope you all enjoy my poem!!!

Submitted: January 21, 2007

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Submitted: January 21, 2007



Do You Think Of Me?

Do you think of me?

As I lie here,

And dream of you,

I dream of the past,

Of how happy I once was,

I think of you ever day,

And I wonder if we lived closer,

If you would then wont me back,

All I can think about is you,

Your always on my mind,

I think that I love you,

But I know you don’t love me,

So I need to just get over it right?

Because we could never be together,

And that’s when I remember,

You told me that you loved me to death,

And that you could really see us getting back together,

I wont to tell you that I still like you,

But the words just wont come out,

Oh how bad I wont to tell you,

I wonder what you would say,

Would you like or love me back


Would you just leave me standing lost in the rain,

I wish I knew,

But then yet I feel as if I have to hide what I feel,

Because you hurt me once,

And I don’t wont to go through it anymore,

Yea I dated after you,

But it was not the same,

None of them even cared about me,

And yea you also know I made a mistake,

But to tell you the truth I was really not in my right mind,

You broke my heart,

And because of you I feel as if I should never date again,

Because that would save me from the pain,

I think about you every day,

And I just wonder if I ever pass your mind as something more than a friend!!!





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