Eyes Of A Teenager

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This is a poem to all teenagers. I wrote this knowing how teenagers feel. As we grow up sometime we think that they dont go though nothing like what we do. But you know you really dont know how others feel until you have walked a day in there shoes. So no one should judge anyone ealse!!!

Submitted: January 02, 2007

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Submitted: January 02, 2007



I don’t know,

Life as adult sees it,

Only as a teenager.

Today I learned,

Of Love and the Pain that it may bear.

I don’t know,

The meaning of Love,


Why it is never true,

I don’t know,

About so many things.

I find it difficult,

To see bad from good,

Although it sounds cliché,

I’m just another teenager,

That is misunderstood.

I need to move on,

Past all of the hurts,

I need to move towards Heaven,

Not towards Hell!!!

I don’t know how,

To tell a good friend,

From a bad friend,

You go talking behind my back,

Ruining the trust,

That we once had.

If they can feel,

All their fears,

And know the cost,

Of showing their tears.

If you even know,

How it feels,

To have a Lover,



Stab you in the back,

Its like knives,

Why are they so cruel to say,

These are the best years of your life???

This is through the eyes of a teenager!!!

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