Love Is!!!

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I wrote this poem when I was in Love. We all know the powers that love can bring. Being in love is something that everyone should feel. No matter if you end up getting your heart broke or what you need to just remember that there is someone out there for everyone no matter what!!! I hope everyone remembers that!!!

Submitted: January 02, 2007

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Submitted: January 02, 2007



Love starts as,
A wishful prayer,
A tiny fire in your eyes,
A playful giggle that I give to you,
A rosy blush that cannot be helped,
A risky wink that you give to me,
And a kindly smile,
Is Love!!!

A understanding,
A growing warmth,
A gentle trust,
Is all about our Love.

The sparkling eyes,
Which twinkle with a new passion,
The passion overwhelms me,
That is Love!!!

A sweet,
Innocent kiss in the moonlight,
Seals the passion that will never end,
Then comes cherish, Honor,
The promises to protect forever,
Is nothing more but Love!!!

The promises breaks,
But the memories,
Of that beautiful moon light kiss remanins forever,
Is our Love!!!

Everything in the world becomes,
Lost in a crazy, wild,
But happy time,
Complete and full of joy,
Is all about Love!!!

The feeling overwhelms me,
I never thought that I could be this happy!!!

Your Love,
Takes me by the hand,
And leads me by the heart,
You kiss my lips,
The kiss will embrace me through the night,
Is our Love!!!

You whisper softly into my ear,
I whisper back the strong,
But sweet words that has been said,
These feeling are so new,
To have a Lover,
Just like you!!!

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