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Have you ever dated someone and they just quit calling you? You still like them and you just dont know what to do. Well that is like my poem. Its hard when you get heart broken. You sometimes feel as if you have no one to turn to because you lost them!!!

Submitted: January 21, 2007

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Submitted: January 21, 2007





Why don’t you call me any more,

What have I done?

You say nothing in a sweet text message,

As you just tell me that you’ve been busy,

Then why do you call your friends and hang out with them,

But sadly when it comes to me,

I don’t even get a simple phone call.

I feel as if you don’t even care,

But then yet you say that you still wont to be with me,

I have not heard from you in 4 days,

Have you just fell off the face of the earth,


Do you just not care about me?

Why, Why, Why,

All I ask for is a simple phone call,

Is that too much to ask,

I don’t know why I wont to be with someone who seems to not care for me,

But then I think,

You was the first guy to really take me out on a date and treat me right,

Just tell me why?

If you don’t care and you don’t wont to be with me then why cant you just tell me?

I know that I’m just setting myself up for a fall.

But to me you was different,

If you think about it…

You give me up than you may never find another me!!!

But do what ever you feel that you need to do,

Its fine with me,

I will just shed some tears,

And my heart will be broken,

But it will heal in time,

And in time you will come to find out that you miss me,

But by then I will be with some one who really does care and knows he does,

So just remember me as the girl who will always love you!!!































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