A Young Girl's Destiny

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A young girl heads back home to Mississippi to help fix an ongoing problem between two different families and along the way finds out a long-kept family secret.

Submitted: January 21, 2017

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Submitted: January 21, 2017




A Young Girl's Destiny




Andromeda Rosebrook has had to experience a tragic accident and take on the role as a mother and father. She lost her parents in a tragic plane crash and it left her to take care of her younger siblings. Trouble arises back home and she must return to help with the situation. Along the road, she meets up with friends she hadn’t seen in a while and they join forces to defeat whatever was coming their way all while protecting the younger children.

Chapter 1

The Tragic Plane Crash

Andromeda! Please come downstairs, we are about ready to leave.” Mrs. Rosebrook said. Mr. and Mrs. Rosebrook were heading out on a long-planned vacation to Tahiti. They sold their business they had in Nevada and used some of it to get the plane tickets. Andromeda came downstairs to bid her parents adieu so they could go on their second honeymoon. “I’m sorry, Mama. I hope you guys have fun and I will see you when you get back. I love you guys.” Andromeda stated. “We love you too.” Her parents said. Mr. and Mrs. Rosebrook left to go to the airport for their trip. After they walked out the door, Andromeda had no idea that would be the last time she would see them.

Brring, Brring!” Andromeda’s phone rang and woke her up in the middle of the night. “Hello?” she said sleepily. “Hello, is this Miss Andromeda Rosebrook?” the police officer asked. Andromeda answered, “Yes, this is she.” The voice on the other end sounded sincerely sorry, but because of his occupation, he had to tell her. “Miss Rosebrook, I’m so sorry to tell you this, but there has been a terrible plane crash and your parents were on it. I’m sorry to let you know that they didn’t make it. We are considering the details and will let you know more.” The police officer stated.

Andromeda was in awe. She had no idea what to think at that moment. She was now not only a sister, but a mom and dad to her two younger siblings. She had to think of a way to tell them that ‘Mommy and ‘Daddy weren’t coming back home. “Thank you, officer. I greatly appreciate the news. Good night.” Andromeda replied. After she hung up the phone, Andromeda cried herself to sleep until the next day when she had to wake up and call other people and figure things out. The next morning, Andromeda called her parents attorney and found out that everything was left to her. After she was done on the phone with him, Andromeda called her best friend, Paige Perkinson. She was there in two seconds. “Oh, my goodness, Sugar, are you okay?” Paige asked. “Not really. I still haven’t told Grandma and Grandpa. Plus, Dimitri doesn’t know yet and Mienna is too young to understand. I’m going to try and tell them the best I can.” Andromeda responded.

Paige stayed with Andromeda the rest of the day. When Dimitri got home from school, Andromeda told him and he broke down. She hated seeing his little heart broken. They all sat down and ate supper. While they were eating, Andromeda’s phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and it was her grandma. She immediately answered, “Hey, Grandma, what’s wrong?” she asked. Faena Rosebrook answered her back. “Sweetie, I’m sorry to hear about your parents. It’s a tragedy and was no accident. You need to come home immediately. Paige needs to come as well, there is trouble brewing and you are the targets. Plus, Grandpa isn’t doing well and neither am I. See you in a couple of days. Love you.” Before Andromeda could respond, her grandma hung up. Paige seen the look in her eyes and knew something was wrong.

Andromeda sent Dimitri upstairs to get ready for his bath. Paige held Mienna and went to sit with Andromeda. Before Paige said anything, Andromeda relayed the message her grandma told her. Paige was awestruck as well. The next day, Andromeda kept Dimitri out of school and ran errands. She went to the real estate agent to sell the house, she went to the bank and took out her parent’s savings so that they had money for the road and any necessary supplies along the way.

After a long day of errands, they all returned home to pack. Dimitri looked at his sister and asked “Dromeda, why are we moving and where are we going?” Andromeda smiled and said, “We are moving to Grandma and Grandpa’s down south.” “Okay, thanks.” Dimitri replied. While they were packing, the real estate agent said that there was a buyer for the house. He has sold it and to meet him for the money. Andromeda said okay and they finished packing. Once done, they left to meet the real estate agent. He gave her the money and told her to go and not look back because trouble was coming fast. Andromeda nodded and left Nevada never to return.

Chapter 2

Greyson Impatiently Awaits

Meanwhile, down in Christmas, Mississippi, Greyson Holbrook impatiently waits for Andromeda to return home. He is visiting with Faena and Farrow while he paces back and forth. “For goodness sakes, Greyson, stop pacing my floor or you’ll wear a hole in it.” Faena says. Greyson stops pacing and politely states, “I’m sorry, ma’am. I just can’t wait to see her. It’s been so long and it’s bothering me.” Faena chuckles the best she can and tells Greyson, “Go on home, my boy. I will call and let you know when she is home.” Greyson nodded and left.

After about three-day drive from Nevada, Andromeda finally arrives in Mississippi. She still had a few hours to drive before hitting home. Paige and the younger Rosebrook’s were sound asleep after the long drive and the stops needing to be made. Within three hours, Andromeda pulled the car up into her grandparents drive and awoke everyone. Faena and Farrow Rosebrook were like everyone else, they had Christmas lights and the whole shebang decorating their house. Paige got out and exclaimed, “You were born down here! This is awesome. It feels like Christmas every day.” Andromeda laughed and stated, “You have the right idea. Let’s go inside please.”

Faena greeted them with open arms and hugs and kisses. She allowed them to get settled in and then took Andromeda aside to talk with her. “What is going on Grandma? I’m scared.” Faena replied, “No need to be scared. There are things about our family you don’t know but should. Your parents plane crashing was no accident. We have people out to destroy us and will stop at nothing. Grandpa and I are too old to handle this alone. That is why we called you home. We need your help and the help of your friends."

Andromeda listened attentively and nodded. She turned in for the night, but had a set mind to talk with her grandpa the next day to find out what is going on. After she went to bed, Faena made a few phone calls to Andromeda’s other friends. She called Greyson and told him he would have to wait until the night of the dance to reveal himself to Andromeda, but that she would make sure she attends. He agreed and sat back on his bed. The next morning, Andromeda awoke to the smell of pancakes. She arose out of bed and made her way down the stairs.

After breakfast, she found her grandpa and sat down to have a talk. “Grandpa, what is going on here?” she asked. Farrow Rosebrook looked at his granddaughter and smiled. He replied, “In due time, you will know the truth of who you are and where you come from. There is a Christmas dance tonight and Paige and you are going. Can you get the door? Someone’s here for you.” Andromeda was even more confused, but she did as she was asked.

She went to the door and opened it up. When she seen who, it was, she shrieked, “I have missed you guys. Oh, my gosh, I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch. Come in, I want to introduce you to someone.” The five girls walked in and sat down. Paige came from upstairs and seen them. One glance and Andromeda was worried about a hospital run. Paige shrieked as well. “Long time no see, amigas. I’ve missed you.” Andromeda was confused. She glanced at everyone and said, “Paige, you know Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire Rigsbee and Bliss and Blossom Monahan?” Paige nodded and everything was left at that.

At the dance, Greyson was pacing back and forth again. Jupiter put his hand on his shoulder and said, “Dude, stop. She will be here. Faena and Farrow said she would be. You’ll wear the soles of your shoes out before you can dance in them.” The girls arrived at the dance in Andromeda’s car and they all got out to go inside. The moment they walked in, everything got quiet. Greyson turned to see why and caught a glimpse of Andromeda. His heart sank and came back. She was the most beautiful creature on Earth to him. Andromeda and the girls walked over to the punch table and turned their backs to the guys.

Greyson thought now or never and walked up behind her. Startled, Andromeda looked back and about lost her balance. The one person she longed for was behind her. Once she caught herself, she said, “Greyson Holbrook, long time no see. It’s good to see you.” Greyson replied, “It’s great to see you as well. We have a lot to talk about. Let’s dance.” Paige introduced herself to Jupiter and it was love at first sight for the both. The other girls were already attached at the hip with the other guys so they all went to the dance floor and danced the night away.

Chapter 3

Catching Up

The next day, Andromeda and Paige met up with the rest of their friends. They all headed downtown to the square where they could walk and catch up with one another. Greyson led Andromeda away from the rest so he could talk with her alone. “What’s been going on with you over the years? Your grandma doesn’t tell me much these days.” Greyson asked. Andromeda dropped her head before she answered. When she could reply, she said, “To make a long story short, we moved from here to Nevada. I went to school and college there and got two degrees. My parents took a vacation and before they got there, their plane crashed and they were gone. I’ve been told that it wasn’t an accident twice now and still have no idea what is going on. I’m a sister, mom and dad to a six-year-old and a three-year-old. Grandpa and Grandma are in bad shape and nobody is telling me anything.” Greyson listened attentively and waited until she was done.

Once Andromeda had gotten it all off her chest she felt relieved. “Thanks for listening, but can we please talk about something else. We are trying to catch up.” Greyson laughed at her remark, but humbly replied, “Have you seen the way Paige and Jupiter have been looking at each other? I think they are a match made in heaven (whispers) kind of like us.” Whether Greyson knew it or not, Andromeda heard his whispered comment. She smiled at the thought of having Greyson in her life forever, but she would never tell him her secret. Everybody gathered back together and they all went to have a bite to eat. They got to the local diner and found a table near the back. The waitress took their orders and left.

As they were enjoying themselves, the bell on the door sounded and Andromeda looked up. She got an irritated look in her eye when she seen who walked in. Raissa Dunbar and her clique walked in. Andromeda didn’t like them especially Brice. She had dated him once when he was in Nevada and broke it off because of his attitude. The new group looked right at them and walked over and sat beside them. Brice looked at Andromeda and sneered at her before saying, “Long time no see, princess. I heard what happened to ‘mommy and daddy’. Such a shame and tragic plane crash that will never be figured out.”

He smirked and looked away. Andromeda whispered she wasn’t hungry anymore so they all got up to leave. Once outside, she looked at the rest and said “Something is fishy. Brice knows something about the plane crash and what really happened. My gut tells me that his family had something to do with it. I’ve got to go tell Grandma.” They all walked back to the Rosebrook’s and Andromeda told her grandma what was said by Brice at the diner. Faena nodded and explained that all the ones that walked in were the trouble she had told Andromeda about. They all understood and let it be for the time being.

Everyone said their goodbyes so they could all head home. Andromeda went upstairs to check on Dimitri and Mienna before turning in herself. When she got to her room, there was a note on her bed. She opened it up and began to sob because it was from her mother. She read the note to herself and then out loud. The note read:

My dearest Andromeda,

If you are reading this letter that means your dad and I are gone. I’m glad you made it safely to grandma’s. Please keep a close eye on Dimitri and Mienna. They are yours now. There is a lot of things you don’t know about yourself. Please ask grandpa when the time is right. I love you sweetie and so does Daddy. We will always be there for you and your brother and sister. Take care of yourselves.



After reading her mom’s letter, Andromeda knew exactly what she had to do, but she also had to wait for the right time. Waiting sucks, she thought.

Chapter 4

Christmas Shopping

Even though there were a lot of things going on in her life, Andromeda ignored them so that she could give Dimitri and Mienna a nice Christmas. Andromeda and Paige went to the mall and bought the gifts and had the stores gift wrap them. When they got home, they put them under the tree. Everyone sat down for a nice Christmas Eve dinner and discussed their day. After supper, Paige helped her with Dimitri and Mienna. Once the little ones were laid down to rest, they went to the kitchen to do the dishes. Andromeda went to the sink and looked down and there was another letter, but this time from Faena. She opened it up and it read:

My dearest granddaughter,

I know that you have a lot of questions weighing heavy on your mind. Only grandpa can answer them when the time is right. You will know when that is very soon. Right now, I want you to focus on yourself. Dimitri and Mienna will be fine. Go out and enjoy yourself with your friends on New Year’s Eve. When you return home, you will have all your questions answered.



Andromeda was more confused than ever. She knew her grandma was right, but it still didn’t help any. The next morning, everyone awoke and opened their gifts. Dimitri came to Andromeda and hugged her before saying, “The greatest gift anyone could ask for is you. Thank you for all of this, but thank you the most for being there for us. We love you, Dromi.” Andromeda hugged him back with tear filled eyes. She kissed his forehead and shooed him away. The next few days were dragging on and on.

Finally, the night her grandma told her to go have fun on was here. Paige and Andromeda got ready to go and then walked out the door. Everyone was waiting for them. Andromeda drove her car and Greyson drove his truck. They all decided on something to eat and then a party hosted by Greyson’s work. They had fun the entire night and then midnight came around. Greyson first asked permission and then kissed Andromeda under the New Year’s Eve ball in the ceiling.

Once their lips touched, Andromeda felt waves of static electricity go through her body. Paige felt it with Jupiter also. When the party was over, they all headed back to Andromeda’s. Grandpa had some explaining to do. Once inside, Andromeda went straight to her grandpa and stood by his bed while asking, “Grandpa, what is going on? Don’t minimize either.” Farrow looked at his granddaughter and smiled while he said these things to her. “My dear, first off Greyson is your soul mate. Secondly, Paige, Jupiter is yours. Thirdly, there is something important you should know. You come from a line of very powerful creatures. Your friends have certain abilities and you do as well. Your parents did too as do I and Grandma. You are the oldest so it is your duty to take the lead of your people. Andromeda, Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire are beautiful jaguars. Bliss and Blossom are pantheresses. Rhys, Ryker and Ryder are also jaguars. Aiden and Alaric are panthers as well. While Greyson, Paige, Jupiter, you and the younger four are cheetahs.”

Andromeda’s mouth dropped at her grandpa’s words. She was speechless for once in her life. After she could recover, her grandpa continued his talk. He finished by saying, “Grandma and myself will be leaving you soon. Please get rid of the trouble in front of you and protect all the young cubs. Grandma is going to leave you a letter with several tasks in it, please obey what she says. We love you. Now I need rest, so shoo shoo.” Everyone left the room and sat down in the living room all confused about everything. Andromeda showed everyone out and went to bed. That night she had weird dreams. The next morning everyone got up and at breakfast. Paige and Andromeda were still confused from the night before.

They got up from the breakfast table and did the dishes before heading upstairs. When they got up there to get cleaned up for the day, Andromeda found another note on her dresser. She knew it was from grandma so she left it there until she got herself a shower.

Chapter 5

Grandma’s Note and the Prophecy

Andromeda stepped out of the shower and got dressed for the day. She grabbed the note that Faena left and sat down on her bed to open it. Faena gave her tasks that needed to be completed as soon as possible. The note from Faena read:

Baby Girl,

I know that grandpa told you the answers to your questions last night. They only thing he didn’t tell you was about a prophecy of our ancestors. The prophecy states that a female descendant of the Rosebrook clan will return when the timing is right and she will protect the clan from all enemies. She will be smart, kind and generous. To fulfill this prophecy, you must complete the following tasks:

1.Marry your male alpha (Greyson)


2.Train each day for the war to come


3.Love everyone no matter who they are


4.Gather your clan


5.Change for the first time


I know it is still confusing and that you just got Greyson back, but it must be done. Grandpa and I have a very short amount of time left. After you have completed these tasks, I will leave another note telling you what needs to be done next.



Andromeda understood a little better now, but was still confused. She gathered her friends and told them what was to be done. Faena watched them each day as they completed the tasks. Andromeda was leery on getting married so her grandma overlooked it and told her that it needed to be done soon. Andromeda shook her head in agreement.  As the days went on, everyone felt like it was an eternity doing everything. Faena still watched them and was pleased with their jobs well done. She made them all supper and everyone enjoyed the meal she cooked.

Andromeda and Greyson put Dimitri and Mienna down for bed before they headed out back to change for the first time. Faena watched out the back door as everyone changed into their animal form. She was pleased. Once the last two sprinted off, she sat down and wrote another letter for Andromeda. Her letter read:


Before you marry Greyson, I want you to go meet his family. They can explain more things to come about to you. I will continue to as well until I can’t anymore. There are some other things you need to know, but that will come later. I’m happy for all of you. Your first change was magnificent. It gets easier overtime. Go to Greyson’s house tomorrow with Dimitri and Mienna. There you will find more answers to questions arising.



After a much-needed run on all fours, everyone said goodbye and headed home. Andromeda and Paige went back inside and found Faena’s note. Andromeda read it and told Paige before they went to bed. The next day was going to be fun-filled. When they awoke the next morning, Andromeda and Paige got Dimitri and Mienna ready to go. After breakfast, the four of them headed to Greyson’s house. Dimitri rang the bell and Mr. Holbrook answered the door to let them in. Andromeda greeted him, “Hello, Mr. Holbrook. I’m glad to see you again.”

Kylian looked at her and smiled while saying, “Please, call me Kylian and my wife K’eala. We don’t like formal.” Andromeda nodded. They spent most of the day catching up and after several hours of talking about the wedding and the plans for it. Andromeda got down to business. She asked what was going on and what is to be done about it all. Kylian answered her questions as she asked them. The one question nobody could answer was asked and Kylian politely answered, “My dear, you are the last oldest descendant of your clan. Mienna is too young. You are brilliant, kind, generous, loving, you care for others, you are of age and it is time the new generation take over for us. You will lead us out of the war we are living through and there will be peace again.”

Andromeda understood and headed home after a long day to prepare for the biggest wedding in clan history.

Chapter 6

The Biggest Wedding in Clan History

Everyone was getting ready for the biggest wedding the town of Christmas had ever seen. Andromeda and her friends were all getting married at the same time. The whole town was awaiting the seven girls to walk down the aisle. It felt like the movie ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’. The only difference is that they all weren’t brothers. “This is going to be fun and interesting.” Paige stated. The girls nodded their heads and giggled.

The time had come for the girls to walk down the aisle. Instead of the magistrate doing it all individually, he did it all together and had a quick ceremony. After they all said ‘I do’, the reception took place in the high school gym. Faena sat back and watched over the newly made clan. She was pleased with how things had turned out. The group of newly wedded friends didn’t go on a honeymoon because they could all feel trouble arising and didn’t want to leave Faena and Farrow unguarded. As Faena watched everyone enjoy themselves, she began to write her final letter to Andromeda. This was the last letter she would receive. The letter read:


Know that grandpa and myself love each one of you. We are so happy that you have found part of your purpose by moving back home. I wanted to let you know a few other things. First, you all need to get ready and say goodbye to Farrow and me. Our time has come to join the others. Secondly, I need you to pack up everything and move away from this town. There is trouble arising meant only for you and your newly developed clan, but it won’t happen here. Sell your vehicles and sell our house. The place you need to go to is in Scotland. You will know it when you see it. Have a safe trip and know we are always watching. Also, there will be people awaiting your return when you get there. They are your help.



The reception went on and on. After the last guest left, Andromeda and the others headed back to Faena’s house. Before leaving, she caught a glimpse of the note. Andromeda picked it up and read it. Once done, she rushed back to Faena’s house to see her grandparents one last time. They all made it back and Andromeda hugged them both. Faena explained everything to the rest of them and they understood. After saying their goodbyes, Faena and Farrow disappeared in a cloud of dust. Greyson called his parents and explained what was going on while Paige and Andromeda packed for four people.

Ke’ala and Kylian understood and told Greyson they would hold up their end there, but he needed to take Damien and Azlyn with him. He agreed and hung up the phone. After Andromeda was packed up for the four of them, she loaded Dimitri and Mienna so they could go to the other houses. It took a while, but everyone was packed up and ready to go. They all stayed at Greyson’s that night and a few nights after that. They all needed the sleep. Every now and again, they would go out and change so they could run on all fours. They needed the exercise.

Greyson’s parents watched the four little ones as they ran. After about staying a week in Christmas, they all bought their plane tickets to head out of town. Andromeda could sell the house and the real estate agent said the same thing as the one in Nevada. She started wondering something and things were getting fishy as the day’s drug on. They sold their vehicles as well and called the cab company to get a ride to the airport for eleven people. They patiently waited for the cab to get there. Once inside, the cab driver said the same thing the real estate agents had. Andromeda now knew who was about to start the trouble in Christmas. Greyson’s parents stayed behind and it wasn’t a few short hours later that he got the call saying they had both perished in a house fire. This was the beginning of the foretold war.

Chapter 7



After a long plane ride from the States, Andromeda and the others arrived in Scotland. They grabbed their luggage and started heading towards the exit. Paige looked up and seen a sign that had Andromeda’s name on it. They all walked towards it and it lead them to a limousine big enough for twenty people. They got in and headed out to wherever grandma was talking about. Andromeda hoped it was big enough. After what seemed like hours, the limo stopped in front of an immaculate mansion out in the middle of nowhere.

The gang got out and headed in to get cleaned up so they could all eat and get a good night’s rest. Greyson and Andromeda tucked their siblings into bed. “What are we going to do? We’ve both lost our only family besides the kids and now we must play mom and dad, too. I wish I knew what was going on.” Andromeda stated. “I know you do, doll face, and I do too. We just must trust that your grandma knew what she was doing and saying. This will all be over soon. Let’s rest.” Greyson replied. Andromeda could only nod.

They laid down and got a good night’s rest. Awaking to the smell of a wonderful breakfast, everyone went downstairs to eat. The help at the mansion introduced themselves and what their jobs were. Everyone nodded and left to go explore this new wonderful place. As they walked back for lunch, they noticed a car parked in the driveway. Getting up to the house, they seen that it was the Scottish Constable. He told them that they had a wonderful house and that he wanted to introduce himself.

Before he left, he told them trouble was coming and to be ready. They all looked at each other because that is all they have been told since before Faena and Farrow passed on. Andromeda knew that there was some major trouble coming and she had to draw up a battle plan. She knew it was going to be tricky, but Andromeda never gave up. While she was planning their defense, the butler came in and told her it was time for dinner. As they were all eating, Dimitri looked at her and stated, “Dromeda, will you guys be okay if you go to fight? I’m scared and I don’t want to lose anyone else.” Andromeda smiled at her little brother while she replied, “Yes, Dimitri, we will be okay. I am working on a plan that will help us. I won’t leave you and Mienna alone.” Dimitri smiled and continued to eat.

After dinner, they all got up so they could get ready for bed. Everyone was unaware of how long they had before Raissa and her group of friends would attack. Andromeda and Greyson made sure that the four younger children had everything they needed and then tucked them into bed. Once laid down, Andromeda and Greyson went to bed themselves. They had a lot of things to figure out before the fight was to begin. The next day, the constable showed back up and gave them more information about the war to come. They all sat down and listened attentively until he was done. Once he left, everyone sat in silence for a while wondering what was going to happen next.

Andromeda excused herself from the group and went to the study to do more studying and planning. She finally figured out what she needed to do to take the enemy by surprise. She started planning their strategy and defense moves so that they could practice and be prepared. Greyson came in and seen how tired she was. Before he pulled her up, he looked at her and said, “Baby, you are overworking yourself. You really need to get some sleep. We still have a little time and it will be figured out.” Andromeda smiled and went to bed. It took her several weeks to come up with a good plan that would render their enemy defeated. Andromeda hoped that it would all work out the way it was planned to work. She knew Dimitri, Damien, Mienna and Azlyn were safe. She also knew that they would still be there for each other. The time for the battle was well underway.

Chapter 8

The Final Battle

The day that everyone had been waiting for finally arrived. Andromeda looked over her strategical planning and loved the way she had it all laid out. She knew that Raissa and her group would not know what hit them after they were through. Dimitri came up beside Andromeda and leaned against her. She looked down at his little worried face and said, “Dimitri, I will be okay and so will everyone else. We’re not going anywhere. Please help keep an eye on Mienna and Azlyn. Damien can help too.”

Dimitri nodded and headed back upstairs. Once he was there, Andromeda went to join the rest of her clan so they could go out back for the battle awaiting them. She arrived and nodded for everyone to take their battle places. Once outside, everyone watched as Raissa and her clan arrived on time. Andromeda could see that Brice had a smirk on his face and had something to say. Once the others got there, Brice looked directly at Andromeda and sneered before he said, “This is going to be easier than I thought. It was easy to make that plane crash with your ‘mommy and daddy’ on it and even easier to kill your in-laws. This is going to be fun.”

Greyson noticed that there were a couple of people missing. He asked, “Where are the other two?” Raissa smirked and said, “You didn’t think we would allow any of your clan to live, did you?” Andromeda got the scared looked on her face and Paige seen it. Paige and Jupiter headed back to the house to protect the younger members. Once they got up there, the battle of good and evil began. Andromeda allowed Raissa’s clan to get a few blows in, but once she knew it was time, she laid out her battle plan and it took Raissa by surprise.

Hours passed and they were still fighting with each other. By the end of the second day, they were still going at it. Andromeda looked at Raissa and said, “Give up now, you can’t win.” Raissa laughed and replied, “Never. I won’t let you defeat me.” The hours turned into days and the days turned into months. Both clans had met their match. By the end of the second month, it looked like Raissa had finally started to wear down. She looked exhausted and beat. Andromeda could see that they were getting tired of fighting.

At the beginning of the third month, the wearing down started to get worse and the fighting started to diminish down. The middle of the third month showed that the battle was ending. Everyone was getting tired and wanted it to end. Greyson spoke and said, “Let bygones be bygones and let’s end this. There is no reason to continue fighting like this.” Raissa nodded and knew that she had been defeated. The battle ended and Raissa ordered her clan to leave. After they left, Andromeda ran up to the house to check on the others.

When she got up there, everyone seemed to be doing okay. She ran to Dimitri and Mienna and hugged them with tear filled eyes. Dimitri looked up at her and said, “Dromi, all of us kids were talking. Okay Damien and myself mostly, but the girls nodded their heads. We were wanting to know if we could call Greyson and you ‘mom and dad’? I know you are still too young to have kids our age, but you are always there for us and we would love to be able to.” Startled by Dimitri’s request, Andromeda dropped to the ground and passed out. Everyone ran over to make sure that she was okay. Once she awoke, she looked at Dimitri and replied, “Of course you can. Greyson and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We love you guys tremendously and always will.”

The four younger clan members smiled and went off to play. Greyson looked at Andromeda so she recalled Dimitri’s question. Greyson understood and was happy the question was asked about. The rest of them all went inside for the night to relax by a warm fire and curl up next to each other. The trouble was gone and they had won. Or so they thought.


The End






Andromeda and Tobias have now adopted their four younger siblings and they are now full time parents to them. With the help of the clan, they raise the kids up to be good and they also help train them to fight just in case something was to happen again. Meanwhile, Raissa and her group of friends are furious about the battle that they had lost to Andromeda. Raissa plans to get revenge on the clan. She ponders for a long while on how to get even and defeat Andromeda once and for all. Andromeda and Tobias both know that it was not the last time that they would see Raissa and her clan. They also ponder on how they will be able to defeat them for good so that they do not have to fear for their family’s lives. Andromeda and the other girls all find out that not only will Raissa come back and get even, but they are all pregnant as well and that their offspring will be the strongest of the entire clan. There is something special with each one of the girls and they don’t even know what that may be. Stay tuned for the next book. Here is a preview of the first few chapters of the next book. Enjoy reading.



It has been a year since Andromeda and her clan defeated Raissa and ran them out of Scotland. Tobias and she could not be happier. They have recently adopted their siblings and are now their mom and dad. Dimitri could not be happier that his big sister was his mom. Azlyn has started to talk more and everyone can understand things that she says. One day while doing some of her homework, Azlyn came in to the study to talk to Andromeda. When Andromeda looked at Azlyn, Azlyn looked scared as if she had just seen a ghost. Andromeda stopped what she was doing so she could see what had gotten Azlyn that scared. “Momma, I don’t know what is going on with me. I was outside playing with the others and suddenly, I blacked out and seen something. It scared me a whole bunch.” Andromeda had a puzzling look on her face, but she looked at Azlyn and asked very patiently, “Azlyn, can you tell me what you saw? I know it had to be scary, but if you tell me then maybe I can help you to be unscared.” Azlyn nodded and sat down beside Andromeda so that she could tell her about the vision she had. “We were all outside playing in the woods. All the adults were teaching us kids how to shift without hurting ourselves. We were petting you and riding on you. Suddenly I seen a strange person hiding behind the trees. As soon as the person knew I saw them, they came charging at everyone. Nobody could shift back to human form. The person I saw was very scary and kept saying something about getting revenge and that we were all going to die and to be ready for that day when it comes.” Azlyn finished and she started to shake. Andromeda had to call an emergency meeting as soon as possible.

Chapter 1

Andromeda sat down at her desk and pondered what Azlyn had just told her. She got on her speaker and asked for each one of the other clan members to come into the study. After she paged everyone, Andromeda sat and thought about how she was going to word what Azlyn had said so that it all made more sense. She knew whom the person was that Azlyn was talking about and she didn’t like it one bit. Everyone entered the study and to Andromeda’s surprise, not only did the other adult clan members show up, but people that she knew showed up as well. It turned out that the butler, the maid, and the constable were all a part of her clan as well and several other people that she did not know where a part of it. The speaker was not just for the house, it called other clan members from town if they were still there. Tobias walked over to his wife and stood beside her. Andromeda looked up at him with fear in her eyes from everything she was told. When she gained her composure, Andromeda looked at everyone and said, “Thank you for coming everyone. It has come to my attention that we are not out of danger yet. Azlyn came in here scared and you could smell the fear on her. She informed me about a vision that she had while playing outside. She told me that we were all in the woods playing around and showing the younger children how to shift without hurting themselves. They were all getting on our backs and riding around on us. While Azlyn was on one of our backs, she said she saw someone behind the trees. She also said that none of us could shift back into human form and the person charged us and kept uttering words about revenge and that we were all going to die soon. It had her all shook up and she had me shook up after she was done. I hate to say that Raissa and her clan are planning on revenge from last year. We all must stand guard and keep our eyes open for anything suspicious around town and around here. I’m going to need all of you at your strongest. I have a feeling that we may have won the battle last year and that was just the appetizer for something bigger. We have a war on our hands and somebody doesn’t want us to survive it. As soon as I can figure things out and what we need to do about all of this, I will call you all back here with a battle plan that will be flawless. You are dismissed.”

As soon as Andromeda finished, everyone but Tobias left. Tobias grabbed her hand and led her to the couch and sat her on his lap. As she was sitting on his lap, Tobias put his hand on her stomach and he felt something move under his hand. Tobias thought about it for a minute or two and then it had finally hit him hard. He had telepathy powers that nobody knew about and he called the rest of his friends in. Paige and the rest came in once they were summoned to. Andromeda looked at Tobias strange until he explained why he called them into the study. Tobias had everyone sit down and then he said, “I believe that I know why Raissa and her clan are coming after us again. There is an old legend in our clan history that pairs of destined soulmates will bare children once they have found each other. These children will be of unique power and they will be the strongest of the clan. Nobody knows what kind of powers they will hold, but it would be enough to stop an enemy from defeating their family. Andromeda, when I felt your stomach just now, I felt something inside of you. I am more than positive that all of you are with children as we speak and it is just a matter of time before you have them and they grow up to be what they were meant to be. Not only will they be strong, but it will make the entire clan stronger and invincible when they are around. Even at a young age, they will be able to shift with no help and when it comes for the war between our clan and Raissa’s, they will be beside us fighting just as well.” After Tobias spoke, everyone stood around in silence for a very long time. The girls decided to go to the doctor or have the doctor come to them to find out for certain that what Tobias said was real. They believed him, but they wanted to know for themselves. Tobias called the doctor and asked him to come by the house and what he needed to bring with him. The doctor obliged and a few short hours later, everyone had their answer. All the female clan members were with child. They were just like any other non-shifting person and would carry their child for the nine months that a normal mother would carry one. The odd thing about it all was that they were all due at the same time. So instead of one going to the hospital to deliver and the others be there for support, they were all going to go in and deliver at the same time. The doctor left and everyone started to get their day going by doing the things they were doing already. Andromeda and Tobias both knew that Raissa wouldn’t do anything drastic until the babies were born and not even then. She would wait until they were all old enough to fight and then she would lay out her attack plan. Raissa was strong. She proved it in the battle that they had the year before. Andromeda didn’t want this war to last as long as their battle had so she got to work right away on the best attack plan and defense plan that she could come up with that including everyone.

Meanwhile, Raissa and her clan were also coming up with an attack plan and a defense plan. They knew that Andromeda would be coming up with one as well and they wanted to make sure that her plan did not work on them this time. With the new members coming to Andromeda’s clan, this was going to be difficult to figure out. Raissa had a feeling that Andromeda already knew about the situation and what this war will entail, but she was not going to let this foil her idea of doing away with Andromeda. A long time ago, Andromeda really hurt her feelings while they were in school. Apparently, Andromeda and Raissa were friends at one point and one day Brice moved into town and both girls fell hard for him. Brice chose Andromeda over Raissa and it furiated her. From that day on, Raissa vowed to get revenge on Andromeda for taking the love of her life. Even though Raissa and Brice are now together and Andromeda found the one she was supposed to be with, it didn’t help the revenge that Raissa kept inside all those years. She felt that Andromeda had to pay for taking something that didn’t belong to her so she decided that this was going to be the only way that it could happen. Raissa wanted to see Andromeda suffer.

Chapter 2

Several months passed and the girls were on their way to the hospital to deliver their offspring. They knew that the children would not be able to help for at least a few years, but they knew that they would be able to win this war. After several long hours for each girl in the delivery room, all the new clan members were born. All the girls ended up having sets of twins. Everyone was ecstatic because this raised their clan number up significantly. They all stayed in the hospital for no longer than a week and then were released to be sent home. Dimitri and the others were so happy that they had new kids that they can play with and that they were a part of the family. Everyone knew that it was going to be a little bit before the whole clan would be able to stand with each other and defeat the enemy. Raissa also knew it would be awhile. As soon as Andromeda arrived home, she made sure that the twins stayed in the study with her while she was in there so that she could get the battle plan going so they could have a flawless attack and defense plan. Every so often, Tobias would come in there and help her out with the twins while she worked or he would help her with some things that she needed to figure out with the plan itself.

Meanwhile, Raissa and Brice found out that they all had their children. This put a damper on Raissa’s planning because with the new clan members, it would make Andromeda’s clan stronger than hers and she had to find a way to plan around what Andromeda was planning so that her clan would not be defeated again. It was going to take longer than she thought to come up with one that was going to work. Raissa knew that she was going to be able to come up with a plan that can be unfoiled and would be able to help defeat Andromeda once and for all.

Several years later, all the younger children in Andromeda’s family were old enough to understand right from wrong. Andromeda and the rest of the adults there started to help them with their shifting abilities. It wasn’t before long and the newest members of the family could do the things that everyone else could do, but they could do them better and they were a lot stronger. Andromeda could see the strength in the little ones and she was so happy that they could do what they were born to do. The one thing that she was worried about was the war that laid ahead for everyone. She was scared for each family member. She didn’t want to lose anyone else. She lost the only parents and grandparents that she held dear to her heart several years ago, and the thought of losing anyone else terrified her. Knowing how strong everyone could be together, she went into the study and started to do more of her battle plan so that she could get right down to what she knew needed to be done. While she was drawing up her ideas, the youngest of the children came in and looked at Andromeda, “Mommy, I was told to let you know that supper was done. Daddy says to come and eat please. He says it will help you focus on what you need to focus on.” Andromeda smiled at her daughter and took her hand so they could go eat supper together.

After all the children were asleep in bed, Andromeda went back to the study to work on her battle plan again. She wanted to make sure that it was a legit plan and that it could be laid out and they could defeat Raissa. Andromeda didn’t want to kill anyone, but she wanted to make sure that she could get her point across and that this war that has been going on long enough and that it needed to stop once and for all. There is no need for it to go on as long as it has. She had an idea as to why Raissa was doing this and the reason is ridiculous no matter how somebody would look at it. Several hours later, Andromeda joined Tobias for a late-night snack and then they went up to bed. They had to wait for Raissa to get in touch with them to let them know when and where the war was going to take place at. She knew that it wasn’t going to be for a little bit, but she was anxious and wanted to get it done and over with as soon as possible. Raissa wanted to prolong the waiting even longer before she had the war go on. She wanted to keep them wondering what she had planned and wanted them to be scared.

The next day, Andromeda helped the others focus their attention on the younger children and helped them when they needed help. They were all getting better and better as they went along and their parents could not be any happier for them. Days went by and the training for them got harder and harder, but no matter what they had thrown at them, the children could handle whatever was thrown at them no matter what it was. As the days went by and the training continued, everyone was at their best and training with each other. After several months, Andromeda felt like they were all ready for the war to happen. On the other side of Scotland, Raissa was getting her team ready as well to make sure that the plans she laid out will work. She worked on her plan for a very long time and it was working the way that she had pictured it in her mind. Andromeda wouldn’t know what had hit her when things go the way she anticipates them to go. Raissa was ecstatic because she would finally be able to get rid of the one person that she couldn’t stand and her family for good and she would be the only shifter left in the world aside from her clan members. She would be able to rule Scotland and do what she wanted with the residents in every part of the country. The only thing Raissa was wanting was to turn whomever she chose to make her clan bigger and better so she could go after any other clans and destroy them as well. What she did not know was that no matter how hard she tried to defeat enemy clans, she would always be defeated.

Andromeda had a funny feeling that she knew what Raissa had in store with going after her clan. She knew that she wanted revenge on her for taking the guy she wanted when they were back in college, but knowing Raissa back then, she knew that she thirsted for power. She was going to try and defeat every clan that she could find. The one thing that Andromeda had on her side besides the new members was that she was also friends with the leaders of the other clans around the world and with her battle strategy, Raissa won’t know what hit her because Andromeda called in back up. She knew that they could defeat Raissa on their own, but she wanted to make sure she scared them enough to where they could arrest them and have them put in jail for conspiracy to try and take over something that didn’t belong to them. It was all a matter of time before everything would come to a final close and things would go to the way they needed to be.

Chapter 3

Andromeda patiently waited for her friends to arrive at the house. They were expecting several people to show up and help back them up if they needed to. Raissa would be outnumbered by a long shot and she didn’t know it. After what seemed like forever to Andromeda, all her friends from neighboring clans showed up. When Andromeda called them, she only wanted the leaders to come and support them. She didn’t need a lot of people and some of the clans she was friends with had more members than hers alone did. Everyone showed up and Andromeda showed them where they would be sleeping at while they were there. There was still several months to go before they would hear anything from Raissa and they were all more than ready for it all to happen.

While they were all at the house, everyone found things that they could do with each other. They took the kids places and had fun. They went to other neighboring clans and let the kids play with others their age while the adults interacted with other members. Everyone was having fun. There was nothing better in the world than being around all her friends again and just hanging out and having fun. Before they came home, they stopped by several different markets and purchased several different things of food. Once they all got back to the house, the cooks took everything into the kitchen and started cooking dinner for everyone. There was a houseful now so they made sure that there was enough food cooked to have seconds if anyone wanted them. After dinner, Andromeda and the rest put all the kids to bed for the night. The children did not go to any public schools because they were all home-schooled with tutors every day. There were things that they needed to know that the schools could not teach them.

After a little bit, Andromeda received an email from Raissa telling her when everything was supposed to go down. She told her that she was giving her a little bit more time to adjust to her new situation and that soon enough they would all be facing each other again for the last time. Andromeda wasn’t worried, but she was glad that Raissa had given them a few more months before anything was supposed to happen. Andromeda called everyone into the study and let them know what she had just found out. They were all ready to get this thing over with so they could live peacefully without any problems. Andromeda called the Constable in and told him as well so he would be able to have his men ready to make their arrests as soon as she gave them the signal to. The Constable nodded and he went back to work. Andromeda looked over her plan again to see if it needed any adjustments done before all of this. The longer she looked at it, the more she had the confidence that it would work the way she wanted it to work and was satisfied with her plan. She closed everything up and headed up to bed for the evening.

The next day, all the children were outside playing and Andromeda called all of them over so she could talk to them about what was going on. When they all sat down in a circle outside, Andromeda looked at all of them and stated, “I want to let you all know that everyone here loves you guys with all of our hearts. We have a war going on between another clan and they want to make sure that none of us can beat them. We have several people on our side and you guys have never been stronger than what you are now. I want to make sure we keep practicing though because this final war is going to come before we know it and we must be ready. I have our plan for the war already done and it is a really good plan, but I need all of your help to make sure that we do what we need to do.” They all sat there and listened to what she said and afterwards went back to play. Their playing was more along the lines of defending themselves from each other and acting like they were attacking each other.

Andromeda sat outside on the porch for a long while and watched them as they all played and got along with one another. As she sat there, Tobias came out and sat down beside her to watch them. They sat next to each other and both had smiles on their faces. For having the problems that they did a few years back, they were glad to have been able to find each other again and to be together the way they were because it had been a long time coming. Andromeda often thought about what it would have been like if she had never left Mississippi in the first place. She knew that her dad’s occupation wouldn’t allow him to stay and her grandparents had never said anything about taking care of her or her younger brother while her parents left. There were times that she wished they had and then there were times she was glad they didn’t. Based on the current situation that was going on, Andromeda realized that she would have never been able to tell her parents that she loved them before everything went downhill.

It started to get late so everyone headed back inside for the night. Raissa gave them another three months or so before everything was supposed to happen. She still didn’t say where it was going to take place, but she gave a time frame as to when it was going to happen. Andromeda could live with that and she wasn’t going to challenge it. Everyone ate supper and headed up to bed for the night. The next few months were going to drag on and on and they all knew it. Everyone was tired of waiting and they just wanted to be done so they could go back home to their clans and protect them. The other members knew that they were needed at this moment and they were not going to have it any other way. Andromeda had been a part of their families for as long as they could remember and they never turned their back on their family no matter what the circumstance or situation they had to deal with.

Now they had new members of the family and they would all bend over backwards to protect each and one of them no matter what it took.

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