What I Learned From My First Relationship

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What I've learned about myself from my first real relationship - and what I thought was love.

This is my first time letting anyone read my writing

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



I’ve learned that giving someone their space can be much better than smothering them.

But sometimes pushing someone away is not the right answer.

And you should find someone that knows the difference between the two.

I’ve learned that I take my anger out on the people I love.

And maybe I should take up kickboxing.

I’ve learned that the good guy is sometimes just that – good.

And next time I find that I wont treat them like they have a deep hidden dark side.

I wont push them away because I’m scared of sensitivity.

Because I’ve learned sensitivity is a bigger turn on then any sexual fantasy.

I’ve learned that not all guys number one concern is sex.

And that I use sex as power.

And I’ve learned that power can leave you crying alone in your room.

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

And that people can surprise you with hidden gems you would have never guessed.

But that vibes and first instincts aren’t to be ignored

And if you don’t think someone’s right for you, you are probably right.

I’ve learned that life can be a waste of time.

You can invest all your energy into someone and get nothing in return.

But I’ve learned that if you become a better person from it, that time is invaluable.

I’ve learned that guys who are talking to multiple girls are probably seeking something you can’t give them,

And that’s the confidence to put your faith in one person.

I’ve learned it’s not about finding someone with the least baggage

But about finding someone who will help you carry each other’s.

And that some things you need to carry yourself,

Because you can’t expect someone else to fix you.

I’ve learned that love can make you so happy

And that butterflies are a better feeling than sex.

And that if someone doesn’t give you butterflies you shouldn’t be having sex with them.

I’ve learned sometimes you can’t listen to what you “should” and “shouldn’t do”

And that being honest and living in the moment leaves you with the least regret.

I’ve learned that I’m smart enough to follow rules and be the perfect girlfriend

And while I may have a boyfriend I will not have happiness.

And I’ve learned that happiness is all I am looking for.

I’ve learned that I have a flair for drama

And a tendency to get bored.

I’ve learned that when I’m bored I act out in good and bad ways.

And I can leave you with a smile on your face or miserable and alone.

But I’ve learned that the right guy will love my rebellious side.

And never want me to be bored.

I’ve learned that friendship and sex does not always equal love.

And that love does not always equal for life.

I’ve learned no matter how much you observe relationships

And no matter how much you know the right thing to do

You can trick your brain into doing the opposite, because you’ll do anything to stay together.

I’ve learned that I am worth being loved.

And that I have so much to give.

I’ve learned that I am extraordinarily flawed.

But the right guy will believe I’m just extraordinary.

And I will think nothing less of him.

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