I Won't Stand It Any Longer

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a girl's heart who was toyed for the sake of her boyfriend's amusement

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



We had been together for some time

I believed that we loved each other dearly

But I was mistaken

You didn't love me like the way I love you

Just for the sake of your amusement

You toyed with my heart like it means nothing to you

You tortured me in the most heartless way

Just because your friend asked you to do so

You told him to get close to me

To test my loyalty to you

But have you ever thought that

It will hurt my feelings?

True, with my words

All your doubts will disappear but it is just too cruel

Though I know that I can take revenge on you

I didn't because I choose to believe in your heart

Now that you have done this

Don't seek for my forgiveness in the future

You had carved a deep scar on my heart

You froze my heart with your actions

From now on, I'll cease to believe in you

I'll be cruel to you just like how you treated me as your plaything

I should have listened to my friend's advice

That I should choose the man who loves me truly and not the one who I loves

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