Farming a Rocket Science

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My story is about a farmer who used to work for nasa and who is building his own rocket ship to travel to the moon to try moon cheese.

Submitted: June 07, 2007

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Submitted: June 07, 2007




Farming a Rocket Science


Once upon a time in the rugged backcountry of Texas there lived a farmer and his family. Now this was no ordinary farmer this was Larry the fanatic farmer. Larry used to be a rocket scientist. He used to be an astronaut and worked for NASA. But now he's out in the yard cutting up some logs for the fire place. Larry wasn't fired, Larry didn't quit, Larry the rocket man retired after a very lengthy career. He's kept all the records from his many rocket adventures traveling through space working on satellites and rocket boosters but there was one thing Larry never got to do, and that was to go to the moon. You see no one gone to the moon for some time and Larry always loved to look at the moon. He was a dairy farmer you see and he had heard that after the cow jumped over the moon it turned into cheese. Only magic cows jump over moons. Larry loved cheese his favorite thing to eat was cheese and crackers with a tall fresh glass of milk. Larry made all kinds of cheese. He made round cheese, big cheese, square cheese, even cheese with holes drilled in it. He made any kind of cheese imaginable even blue cheese, but no moon cheese. No Larry was sad because he never got to try moon cheese.

One day Larry had a fantastic idea while stretching his legs before milking the cows. He would build a rocket ship so he could fly to the moon for some cheese. And maybe he could meet the fancy magic cow up there that makes all the cheese.

Larry ran to the barn and finished his chores as soon as he could and after a quick snack of cheese and milk of course Larry ran to the barn to see what he needed. Larry made a check list of all the things he needed.

Neural elastic cables

Retro fitters

Blast proof radials

Super sonic thermal nuts

Nuclear plasma blasted steel

Space paint

Larry thinking to him self wondered where he could get all this stuff. No super market or convenient store kept these parts in stock Larry might have to start from scratch. Larry could always use old farm equipment parts and make his very own thermal nuts and elastic cables. Turning his barn into a workshop Larry had all sorts of odds and ends of every shape and size. Hammer here, tap tap there, weld this, cut that, paint this here, and bend that there. His neighbors and family began to worry about all the commotion and began to slowly gather at the barns entrance, peering in they were bewildered with what they saw Larry standing in front of the most incredible rocket ship they have ever seen. You couldn't tell in the least bit that this was made from old farm equipment. It was a big, tall, red, rocket.

Packing a picnic basket full of crackers and a cooler of milk Larry the farmer began his last minute preparations before lift off. Climbing the tall long brass ladder to the top of the rocket Larry began to have the butterflies. This was a dream come true everyone was excited and at the same time nervous. Finally Larry was going to the moon to get a taste of moon cheese. Larry is going to be the first man on the moon since the cow jumped over it.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!!! As the count down was announced the barn shook with excitement and the ground rumbling from the corn syrup powered rockets. Houston we have lift off, announced Larry as the big, tall, red rocket streaked through the sky. Larry was so excited he almost forgot to set a course for his red rocket. Pointing the ship straight for the moon Larry was on his way for a lovely cheese and cracker picnic on the moon.

Closer and closer Larry approached he could almost smell the beautiful moon cheese delightful to the last bite. Larry planned on staying for the whole afternoon so he could collect a lot of cheese to share with all his friends and family. Landing on the moon was the most exciting experience a cheese lover could have Larry was so excited he forgot to set up the ladder, falling into a cheese crater. Mmmm he thought to himself this was the tastiest mess he has ever made. Looking around he was pleased to see everything was made of cheese the moon dirt was cheese, the crater was made of cheese, the rocks and mountains were all made of the most remarkable cheese he had ever tasted. Each bite was like trying it for the very first time.

Off in the distance Larry could hear the most remarkable sound. A sound he had heard before but this one was different this was a magical noise a noise only a cow who jumped over the moon would make. Sure enough a black and white cow in a yellow and blue cape streaked across the sky leaving Larry's jaw dropped on the moon cheese surface. Satisfied Larry began his moon cheese picnic milk and all. And from then on Larry would go to the moon every Wednesday at three for cheese and crackers on the moon.


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