Sunrise: Good or Bad?

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If you have read Sunrise, Power Of Three #6 written by Erin Hunter, then you may want to read this. If you haven't...



Submitted: May 08, 2009

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Submitted: May 08, 2009




Okay, so I have just read Sunrise, Power of Three No.6. If I could say anything, it was both mind-boggling and amazing. Erin Hunter writes TERRIFICALLY,and I wouldn't doubt her- or a reader. In fact, I was obsessively turning the page every minute (lol). 6 hours and 23 minutes was all it took for ME to read it!

First off, there were... 3 errors. That's right- THREE! Erin Hunter has improved, though. 3 is okay... Page 225: "A heartbeat later, Leopardstar and Reedwhisker appeared, and hard on their paws came Onestar and Turnear." Notice a typo? If you don't, then get some glasses.

TUrnear. I believe it should be TOrnear.

That was probably the most MAJOR, but some are just my opinions.

Page 308: "Graystripe's amber eyes were blank with disbelief." I think she might mean yellow.

Intro To Cats: "Whitewing- White she cat with green eyes." Maybe she meant queen???

Not much else, except the cats at the Twolegplace know Warriorcat terms!!! I cracked up at this. I mean, what kittypet would know what a warrior does?! \"\"

Anyways, I liked Sunrise as it is, but I like knew that Crowfeather and Leafpool were Holly, Lion and Jay's parents since The Sight! If Erin Hunter wanted to spice it up, she could have, like something SURPRISING such as, for instance Squirrel x Ash. You know, one of those love-hate scemes...?

And it wasn't much of a shocker that Hollyleaf killed Ashfur. I, personally thought that Squirrelflight did. Maybe Erin could have REALLY made a difference and had Jayfeather... Or someone do it. OOOOH! \"\"!!! Good idea, here- she could have Sol kill him and Sol could mate Leafpool!! Oh well. So it was pretty obvious that she was the murderer.

Also, I was asked a question once: SMARTER= Breezepelt or Hollyleaf?

Hmmm... I had to think. Here are some choices I made.

Reasons for Breezepelt:

Breezepelt is a good, strong... Ambitious character. The problem is that there really isn't a problem. So that's why it makes the desicion so hard. BUT, I'd have to disagree with him at this point. Somehow he's... Just MEAN. I might not know which character to pick, but the pointer is sort of pointing towards Hollyleaf........

Reasons for Hollyleaf:

Hollyleaf is a strong warrior. I think that if she found her heart, she'd be worth a little more. The thing is, I might just HAVE to pick her- 1. She can live through LIES, 2. She knows how to outsmart cats, 3. How did she creep up on Ashfur? It must have been her THINKING.

So who do I pick? Who MIGHT I pick? I really don't know. I think....

The smarter cat is Hollyleaf. Why did I pick her? She's okay, but Holly is rather smart. If she let out the RIGHT thing at the Gathering, then that's smart. She couldn't tolerate breaking the code. So, that is why I picked her.

Sunrise gives out alot, and I liked it. It was adventurous, meaningful, mysterious, shocking, mind-tricking and... GOOD! On a scale of 1-10... 8  1/2, I'd pick.

The point is that Erin Hunter really has talent. Sunrise showed her writing skills, and not only that, but it makes Warriors a more interesting series to read. THAT is why I read Warriors.

GREAT JOB ERIN HUNTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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