Fighting KONY & LRA; support TRI

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I was recently dropped into the story of KONY and the LRA. I was doing more research when I found a comment saying we should leave Africa to their own problems. I found this shocking and heartbreaking. This is what I have to say about it.

Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012



Fighting KONY

To the people who believe we should let Africa deal with it, are you that heartless? Do you think they haven't been fighting it? Twenty years this has been going on. Kony has been kidnapping children, forcing them to kill their own parents and mutilate and destroy others. Girls were turned into sex slaves and boys into child soldiers. These children are as young as six years old. Have you ever thought that it would be too hard for them to fight their own children? Or that they might not have the equipment we have to find him? Pity won't save those kids or the thousands of other people. Action will. And for sending out troops: don't you think this is more of a cause to fight? Instead of fighting for our own gain, we are fighting for a cause that is real and getting worse by the minute. If you don't understand that, if you just think of getting our soldiers home, let me ask you this: why did they join? They joined, knowing they could die, to fight for our country. Well, our country wants to fight for the right thing. Why search this up if you don't support it? Just shut up and let the people who actually are fight for it.

Please, I really don't care that or of you copy my article, just spread the word, join the fight, and help Uganda. This fight will save more than we think. Copy, paste, speak. That's all it takes. Watch the video to learn even more.

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