If I Could (Existing title different poem)

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I was thinking about an ex

Submitted: January 09, 2014

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Submitted: January 09, 2014



How could I just let you walk away? 
Knowing I'll be wishing we're still together someday. 
Now I'm wondering if you'll accept me back, 
Even after I pretended I wouldn't care if you didn't come back. 
If I could just get you to say baby I'm willing to stay, 
I'll do whatever it takes to make you never again want to walk away. 
If I could get you to believe that I'm really in love with you, 
You'll know my feelings that I'm speaking is honest and true. 
Days go by and life goes on, 
But now I'm struggling because without you I'm all alone. 
Why are you punishing me for careless mistakes? 
It feels like my life is being destroyed by storms and earthquakes. 
If I could go back to the days when you were mine, 
Just to make you happy I would use all of my time. 
If I could just see your face and hear your voice again, 
I promise I'll show you I'm a better man and won't let us end again. 
You did all you could to complete my life, 
But I failed to realize that you're meant to be my wife. 
Now I got to face the rest of my life alone, 
Unless if you forgive me and come back home. 
I'm sorry for easily giving up on you, 
Now I'm asking myself without you what I'm going to do. 
I know I should've stayed strong and held on, 
Because now I just hate the fact that you're gone. 
If I could just go back and correct my mistakes and make you satisfied, 
I will make your smiles replace all the tears that you cried. 
If I could if I could baby, 
I'll let everyone know I'm happy to have you as my lady. 
Instead of saying I'm sorry and that I love you, 
I want to be that man that can always prove it to you.

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