Thought For Today Part Three

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The continuation of Parts One and Two of 'Thought For Today'.

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Nothing In Life Is To Be Feared

Submitted: November 05, 2018

Marie Curie, 1867-1964, wrote: ‘Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so th... Read Chapter

Searching For The Missing Part Of Ourselves

Submitted: November 06, 2018

We are in this life to help us learning to love wisely, the way God loves us. That’s why everybody needs people and also someone specia... Read Chapter

Love At First Sight

Submitted: November 07, 2018

Some enchanted evening You may see a stranger, you may see a stranger Across a crowded room And somehow you know, You know even... Read Chapter

Our Behaviour Reveals How Truly We Can Love

Submitted: November 08, 2018

If one or maybe both people at the time of their fresh encounter is seriously involved in a relationship with another, the manner in whic... Read Chapter

We Do Not Need Others To Make Us Whole

Submitted: November 09, 2018

Wise ones bear in mind that, even though they too feel like that at times, other people can never be a missing part of their earthly self... Read Chapter

When Love At First Sight Does Not Work Out Well

Submitted: November 10, 2018

When love at first sight does not work out well in the end, it does not take wise ones long to recognise that the Universe has merely bee... Read Chapter

Are Marriages Made In Heaven?

Submitted: November 11, 2018

Marriages are not exactly made in Heaven, but in the world of spirit on the higher levels of life. Long before any soul ever makes its ap... Read Chapter

Transforming All Relationships Into Friendships

Submitted: November 12, 2018

Human relationships, as difficult and nauseating as some of them can be or eventually turn into, are a vital part of every soul’s devel... Read Chapter

True Love Is An Eternal Link

Submitted: November 13, 2018

True friendships last beyond our earthly existence. We take them with us wherever we go and bring them with us, should other incarnations... Read Chapter

Why Is Our World So Over-Crowded?

Submitted: November 14, 2018

From time to time the question arises: ‘Why is our planet so over-crowded?’ I believe that this, like everything else in our world, i... Read Chapter

The Spiritual Rebirth Of Our World

Submitted: November 15, 2018

Birth is always a painful process and the present spiritual rebirth of our world is no exception. It too is accompanied by severe labour ... Read Chapter

Finding A Renewed Understanding Of Life

Submitted: November 16, 2018

Much progress is possible for those in earthly life when at last they become aware of God’s true nature and their own, as well as the m... Read Chapter

Walking Our Talk

Submitted: November 17, 2018

Now that we and our world are moving onto higher levels of consciousness, ever more of us are finding a renewed understanding of the spir... Read Chapter

Learning To Love God's Way

Submitted: November 18, 2018

We are in this life for learning how to love ourselves and each other the way God loves us, totally and unconditionally. From love we hav... Read Chapter

More Karma In Families Than Anywhere Else

Submitted: November 19, 2018

As for a large part of our earthly development we reincarnate one lifetime after another into the same family groups, it is hardly surpri... Read Chapter

Suffering In Family Life

Submitted: November 20, 2018

To this day, far too much suffering is constantly created in our world through family life – mine is no exception. And every bit of it,... Read Chapter

Psychic Protection

Submitted: November 21, 2018

Whenever we have to deal with depressed people, our aura is bombarded and invaded by their negative vibrations. If we don’t take care a... Read Chapter

The Importance Of Resolving Relationship Issues

Submitted: November 22, 2018

As far as unresolved issues in relationships are concerned, each time we depart from this plane of life and return to our true home, the ... Read Chapter

Soul Growth From Suffering In Family Life

Submitted: November 23, 2018

The intention behind the challenges encountered in human connections and the conflicts and tensions arising from them undoubtedly have al... Read Chapter

Awareness Is The Key For Unlocking All Suffering

Submitted: November 24, 2018

For as long as warring parties remain unaware of what is expected from them, the people on both sides of the fence are likely to continue... Read Chapter

Transforming Difficult Relationships Into Friendships

Submitted: November 25, 2018

Setting each other free is sure to be done much more successfully and rapidly when both parties in thorny relationships wake up to their ... Read Chapter

Relationships From Previous Lifetimes

Submitted: November 26, 2018

It is good to know that, because everything in the whole of Creation always has to balance, we do not only bring our difficult relationsh... Read Chapter

Why Are We Not All The Same?

Submitted: November 27, 2018

If before God we are all the same and we all contain everything, the very best and the worst in equal measure, and if everybody is gifted... Read Chapter

Everything Was Created By And Is Of God

Submitted: November 28, 2018

We are children of the Universe, co-creators with God and young Gods in the making. Every one of the powers and characteristics of our Di... Read Chapter

The Various Grades Of Earthly Education

Submitted: November 29, 2018

God and the Angels in their infinite wisdom and foresight help us to bring everything our hearts truly desire into being, so that we shou... Read Chapter

You And I Taking Part In Ancient Rituals

Submitted: November 30, 2018

When one studies the lives and times of those who came before us during other phases of humankind’s evolutionary development, I believe... Read Chapter

We Are Not Miserable Worms And Sinners

Submitted: December 01, 2018

Each one of us is a spark of the Divine and a child of God. And regardless of anything that happened in past lifetimes, none of us is som... Read Chapter

Updating Our Store Of Spiritual Truths

Submitted: December 02, 2018

Wise ones, whenever someone brings a new item of spiritual wisdom and truth to their attention, listen carefully to what their inner guid... Read Chapter

Maturing Into Spiritual Adulthood

Submitted: December 03, 2018

The earthly selves of young and inexperienced spirit/souls  do not yet know any better than frequently sticking their heads ostrich ... Read Chapter

Every Right Brings With It A Duty

Submitted: December 04, 2018

Many to this day appear to be unaware that every right they have in this life brings with it a duty. The corollary of this is that every ... Read Chapter

Don't Blame Anyone For Your Afflictions

Submitted: December 05, 2018

When it comes to the things, people and conditions that are causing us most trouble and heartache in our present lifetime, forget about l... Read Chapter

Carrying The Cross Of Our Earthly Personality

Submitted: December 06, 2018

Let no-one run away with false ideas about the connections every human being has with their forebears. They are not the cause of the way ... Read Chapter

What Is A Mystic?

Submitted: December 07, 2018

What is a mystic? Well, according to the Oxford dictionary the word mystic means: ‘a) spiritually allegorical or symbolic; occult, esot... Read Chapter

Einstein - The Mystic And Seeker

Submitted: December 08, 2018

If he had not been a mystic and seeker, why else would Einstein have spoken of ‘that Cosmic religious feeling’ he experienced whilst ... Read Chapter

Scientists Waking From Their Spiritual Slumber

Submitted: December 09, 2018

Until a scientist has woken up to the awareness of God’s true nature and their own, which every human being does in the fullness of tim... Read Chapter

About Pop-Star Scientists

Submitted: December 10, 2018

In my view, it is unlikely that any major scientific breakthrough will ever be given through one of our present day scientists for as lon... Read Chapter

God At The Bottom Of The Glass

Submitted: December 11, 2018

The German physicist Werner Heisenberg wrote: ‘The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at ... Read Chapter

Each Finding Their Own Truth

Submitted: December 12, 2018

Being thoroughly fed up with the deviousness and deception, lying and cheating of the Piscean Age has prepared us and our world to seek a... Read Chapter

The Old Religions Keeping Us Away From God

Submitted: December 13, 2018

When one looks back over the centuries and millennia and watches humankind’s spiritual development, it is not hard to see that the reli... Read Chapter

Healing - The Sacred Marriage

Submitted: December 15, 2018

At long last, the time has come for each one of us to do their own work of reconciling, balancing and healing the polarities and oppositi... Read Chapter

Healing Souls Is Better Than Healing Bodies

Submitted: December 16, 2018

Healing souls is better than healing physical bodies. This is because healing of the highest order takes place on a deep inner soul level... Read Chapter

I Am The Way, The Light And The Truth

Submitted: December 30, 2018

The Universal Christ, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life, with the help of the Angels and Masters of the s... Read Chapter

Many Good Things Happening In Our World

Submitted: December 31, 2018

To paraphrase the American journalist Charles Bishop Kuralt, 1934-1997: ‘It’s beneficial for our individual and collective mental and... Read Chapter

Message From Spirit Guides

Submitted: January 01, 2019

The following is the essence of a message of hope and encouragement from the White Eagle group of spirit guides with the title ‘Keep On... Read Chapter

The Importance Of Bringing Forth The Best

Submitted: January 02, 2019

‘We, your spirit guides and helpers, want to tell you about the beautiful states of life that in the fullness of time are waiting for y... Read Chapter

Nobody Can Do Our Spiritual Work For Us

Submitted: January 03, 2019

‘We, your spirit friends and helpers, would love to do the spiritual work for each one of you, but are not allowed to for in that case ... Read Chapter

The Greater Freedom Of The Spirit Realm

Submitted: January 04, 2019

‘Waiting for every human being, who has got to the end of their earthly education, behind the spiritual mountain all of you are climbin... Read Chapter

We Are Always There For You

Submitted: January 05, 2019

‘Spiritually, knowledge is light and the lack of it is darkness. The wisdom and truth of the Great Mother of all life is the eternal li... Read Chapter

The Winds Of Heaven

Submitted: January 06, 2019

‘What you read in my previous ‘Thought For Today, is the message of the Jesus legend’s St Matthew 6:25-32: ‘Therefore I say unto ... Read Chapter

Uncover Your Inner Light

Submitted: January 07, 2019

‘A light burns within each one of you that in the course of many earthly lifetimes has been turned down and grown very dim. You are the... Read Chapter

Bending Our Knees Before The Great Father/Mother

Submitted: January 08, 2019

It was right for the tale of Jesus, in the depths of the patriarchy, to tells us: ‘The Father and I, we are one.' Yet, for us the time ... Read Chapter

Emptying Out Our Soul Memories

Submitted: January 09, 2019

With the help of God and the Angels, every one of us has to work their way through layer upon layer of  the ancient soul memories of... Read Chapter

Do Not Judge

Submitted: January 10, 2019

Do Not Judge Refuse to find fault with those who limp Or stumble along the road, Unless you have walked a mile in their shoe... Read Chapter

We Only Ever See One Side Of Any Picture

Submitted: January 11, 2019

Only being able to ever see one side of anything they observe and that beyond a shadow of doubt everything that happens in our world is p... Read Chapter

The Power Of Our Thoughts

Submitted: January 12, 2019

As ever, there is more to the issue of judging people than meets the eye. Our world is one of dualities and consists of two streams of th... Read Chapter

Suppressing The Symptoms Of Depression

Submitted: January 13, 2019

The darkness of depression, if left unattended and unresolved, is stored in the memories of our soul each time we leave our physical body... Read Chapter

Looking At The Bright Side Of Things

Submitted: January 14, 2019

Wise ones at all times look at the bright side of things. They concentrate on that which is good, right and beautiful in our world and th... Read Chapter

Do Not Despair About The State Of Your World

Submitted: January 17, 2019

Do Not Despair About The State Of Your World The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of guides tha... Read Chapter

Change Our World

Submitted: January 18, 2019

Change Our World If you try to change our world, You are bound to fail. But if you love it instead, Lo and behold! For you... Read Chapter

Putting Our World In Order

Submitted: January 19, 2019

From 'War And Peace Between Nations' Putting Our World In Order Confucius was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher who lived ... Read Chapter

Putting Our World Right

Submitted: January 20, 2019

Putting Our World Right There once was a very lively and intelligent little girl who showed an astonishingly early talent for ge... Read Chapter

The State Of Our World

Submitted: January 23, 2019

The State Of Our World   Every second, minute and hour of each day of all our earthly lifetimes is irrevocable and can ... Read Chapter

The Value Of A Candle

Submitted: February 13, 2019

‘One candle can light thousands of others without its own life getting shorter. Happiness and light never decrease through sharing.’ ... Read Chapter

Valentine's Day Greeting

Submitted: February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day True friends are always there for us. The only thing they want Is that we should be ourselves. Becau... Read Chapter

Following An Unknown Trail

Submitted: February 15, 2019

A word of advice from an unknown wise one: ‘Do not go where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail. Unc... Read Chapter

Don't Believe Everything!

Submitted: February 26, 2019

To paraphrase the wisdom God and the Angels gave to our world through the Buddha legend: ‘Do not believe in anything simply because you... Read Chapter

The Importance Of Humour

Submitted: March 02, 2019

The Importance Of Humour The following is the essence of a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the W... Read Chapter

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Submitted: March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick’s Day May every day of your life bring you A generous portion of good fortune, Be brightened by a song ... Read Chapter

Steered By Fate

Submitted: March 20, 2019

Because love is the law of the Universe, no-one every forces us to do anything. We ourselves are ultimately the bottom line as far as our... Read Chapter

The Processes Of Creation

Submitted: March 21, 2019

So far we have only searched for the higher esoteric meaning behind the surface words of our world’s belief systems. But how do numbers... Read Chapter

Sacred Numbers

Submitted: March 22, 2019

The construction of the Universe is based on mathematical principles and  because God is in everything that exists in the whole of C... Read Chapter

More About Sacred Numbers

Submitted: March 23, 2019

Sacred Numbers 12 = 12 signs and houses of the zodiac; months of the year; hours of day and night; disciples of Jesus. 40 = the ... Read Chapter

And I Heard A Voice From The Heavens

Submitted: March 24, 2019

The number 144,000 = appears in chapter 14 of the Book Of Revelation. I have taken the liberty to paraphrase it as follows: ‘I looked a... Read Chapter

It's Just Not Fair!

Submitted: March 25, 2019

That’s when their inner teacher, the living God or wise one within, could reveal to them – it’s a revelation, after all – that th... Read Chapter

When Disaster Strikes

Submitted: March 26, 2019

It is impossible for us to understand what happens to us when disaster strikes, until we find out that this is how the bill for any kind ... Read Chapter

Learning To Trust

Submitted: March 27, 2019

To my mind, we are not meant to know the future, for if we did it would be available and easily accessible to us, which it is not – und... Read Chapter

The Meaning Of The 144,000

Submitted: March 28, 2019

Let’s take another look at the 144,000. From the developmental level ever more of us are reaching by now, it is no longer hard to recog... Read Chapter

The Religion Of The New Age

Submitted: March 29, 2019

There is only one religion, the religion of love. There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth. There is only one race and ch... Read Chapter

Intuitively Knowing The Truth

Submitted: March 31, 2019

Wise ones who are in tune with their inner guidance, intuitively know the truth and what is right or wrong for them in any given moment. ... Read Chapter

The Creation Process

Submitted: April 01, 2019

Let’s take a look at the energies involved in the creation process. Aquarius, the Air sign, belongs to the realm of thinking and Leo, t... Read Chapter

A Religion Of Heart And Mind

Submitted: April 02, 2019

Although the belief systems of the past were purely of the head, it was impossible to comprehend them. This was right for humankind’s r... Read Chapter

The Ultimate Purpose Of Our Earthly Existence

Submitted: April 03, 2019

The ultimate purpose of every human being’s earthly existence is returning into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and our ... Read Chapter

The School Of Earthly LIfe

Submitted: April 04, 2019

Jesus is a symbolism of the higher aspect or Christ nature of every one of us. Its unfoldment is the only thing in the whole of Creation ... Read Chapter

Learning To Love God's Way

Submitted: April 05, 2019

Top of the agenda for every earthling is learning to love God’s way, i.e. from the heart and without judgement, totally and uncondition... Read Chapter

The End Of Needing Earthly LIfetimes

Submitted: April 06, 2019

Towards the end of their earthly education, every human being evolves into a healer and lightbringer who is walking and working hand in h... Read Chapter

Speaking Through Symbolisms And Metaphors

Submitted: April 07, 2019

The spirit realm’s traditional way of communicating with our world up to now has been through symbolisms and metaphors that were skilfu... Read Chapter

Great Mother Visible In The Sacred Numbers

Submitted: April 08, 2019

Regardless of the patriarchy and dominance of the masculine, the sacred number of 144,000 has been present in many belief systems of our ... Read Chapter

What Does The 144,000 Consist Of?

Submitted: April 09, 2019

The components of 144,000 are: 1 = the masculine first impulse of Creation, the Great Father of all life or God. 2 = the feminine second ... Read Chapter