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Short Poem I wrote, my Islamic view

Submitted: September 15, 2013

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Submitted: September 15, 2013





We are the slaves, made by Allah

The one and only, the creator

image , transmuted by the media

we are all people, none better than another

diversity, individuality.

why is it that being our own person causes so many casualties

iraq war, millions dead

what we get? an apology

why can't we realise we are the same people?

they call us terrorist

we call them equal

all we do is try to follow the muslim ummah

for after this life there won't be a sequel

we've gotta be strong,

fight the shaytaan, kill our arrogance

embrace our humbleness

pray for forgiveness

find the gratification

in the memorisation

of the Quran

a true muslim, respects all peoples belief

helps both muslims and non muslims in need

for at the time of the beasts release

it’ll be too late for the sentence

it will be shut,

the gates of repentance.



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