Free Spirit

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Just a random thought of a 17yr old girl scribbled onto page. Not exactly poetry, but I did try pouring my soul onto paper.

Wrote it in approx 7mins, so please do correct any visible mistakes, would so appreciate that.

Submitted: February 02, 2007

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Submitted: February 02, 2007



Dreamin'... dreamin' all day, I wish to run free... free to taste all the colors of the wind,
my spirit is a river... a river yearning to hit into the vast & beautiful ocean,
my heart is aglow ... aglow like that of the gleaming moon in the dark of the night,
my soul is like the dunes... the dunes of a proud and steady desert, blowing rhythmically, singing a silent song in the chilling desert wind of the evening,
my imagination is restless... restless like a flowing waterfall, yearning to escape, desiring to feel, to touch and to drink this sparkling life 
my spirit, heart, soul & imagination unite ... unite powerfully, and throb for the desire to be unleashed, the desire to flow, the passionate desire to run freely out in the open, eating the fruits of nature and tasting the essence of life... out in the open... out in the vast open

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